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seek medical advice

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Q: What to do when your child has fallen and has a bump the size of an egg to her forehead?
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What is a round quarter size bump on top of head that doesn't move or doesn't hurt a child?

A round quarter size bump on top of a child's head could indicate a cyst. Cysts are not painful and are common in children in the head region.

How long after a fall does it take for a bump on your forehead to go away?

It depends on the size of the bump. There's no general time for a bump to go away, since that depends on a lot of factors that differ from person to person. On the other hand, if it's been there for months, I'd see a doctor as soon as possible.

Have large squishy type bump on forehead it started out a pea size 8yrs ago now is size of half dollar what could it be?

maybe it is a fluid cyst. i have seen it before and i am a doctor. i referred the patient to an ENT specialist. yours may need to be drained.

What is a small bump on your forehead above your eye the size of a nickel that hurts when pressure is applied?

I recommend that you see a doctor. They will be able to make a suitable diagnosis and I'm sure they won't laugh at you if it's just nothing.

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What might a pea-size bump by the ear be?

A pea sized bump by the ear is likely to be your lymph node. You have hundreds of them all over your body. They are flat, round and about the size of a pea.

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