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First and foremost...keep them warm! Get them to a vet or a resuce that handles rejected neonate kittens. If you are going to bottle raise them yourself...Get some KMR (kitten milk replacement) and get ready for feeding every 2 hours and learn how to stimulate them to go to the bathroom after every feeding.

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Do newborn kittens have teeth?

Yes, newborn kittens do have teeth. The kittens can't eat solid foods until they are much older even though they have teeth.

What do newborn kittens eat?

new born kittens eat milk

Are kittens covered in fuzz?

Yes, kittens are born with fur on them. This keeps the newborn kittens warm.

What is a newborn cat called?


Why are the newborn kittens missing?

i ate them :)

How do you keep your newborn kittens from dying?

keep them warm and help them nurse with their mother remember newborn kittens will need their mothers colestrum

How long can newborn kittens live without drinking their mothers milk?

Newborn kittens should be fed often from their mothers. If you have found newborn kittens that have been abandoned they can only survive up to 36 hours before succumbing to dehydration.

What is a group of newborn kittens called?

A litter.

How do you pick up newborn kittens?

you dont

What to do when your newborn kittens are missing?

Go find them.

Do newborn kittens carry any diseases?


How much do newborn kittens weigh?

Average weight of a newborn kitten is 3 ounces.

Do kittens run a lot when they are born?

No. Newborn kittens cannot move around very well.

What do newborn kittens look like?

Actually newborn kittens look like kittens. They have fur, tiny and cannot walk. Kittens are also blind but like cats in general, they have a keen sense of smell and feeling, and that is how they are able to locate their mom's nipple to be fed.

Do newborn kittens get hiccups?

any feline can get the hiccups

When do cats grow fur?

Newborn kittens have fur.

Do dogs eat newborn kittens?

Depends on the dog.

What if mum does not toilet her newborn kittens?

mum has issues

When do newborn kittens go to the bathroom on their own?

Newborn kittens need stimulation from the mother's tongue to be able to go to the bathroom up till they are about 3 weeks old.

Can you save newborn kittens that are not being fed?

take other kittens out of the room and let the one eat

Can newborn kittens see?

Answer: Newborn kittens are born deaf and blind. They open their eyes and ear canals at about 2 weeks of age. Most kittens are born with blue eyes, and the eye color will most likely change when they get older.

Why do newborn kittens cry?

New born kittens cry because their only kittens like us humans we cry when were babies that's why.

When can newborn kittens be taken from their mother?

12 to 14 weeks.

What do you call a newborn squirrel?

Baby squirrels are called kittens.

What do you have to do to care for newborn baby kittens?

stamp on them to keep them warm