What to do with the dragon egg in Minecraft?


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There is not much to do with a dragon egg. If you know how to turn it into a collectible item, the only thing you can really do with it is keep it in a safe place such as in an item frame on top of your fireplace as a souvenir saying you have beaten the Ender Dragon.


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It is not yet possible to hatch the dragon egg in Minecraft, the egg is like a trophy to recognise that you have slain the Ender Dragon. Happy Minecrafting!

The ender dragon drops it when defeated

you cant yet the egg is just for decoration right now

Currently, the Dragon Egg has no use. It cannot be hatched. It is merely for decoration purposes.

The data value or item ID for Dragon Eggs is 122.

There is currently no use for the Ender Dragon's egg in Minecraft, though I expect that feature will be added in the near future.

At this point you can't without a mod.

It does not hatch, it is just for decoration.

Find the stronghold and put eye of enders in

You cannot, without the use of external mods.

That is just a block, you can`t hatch it YET.

You can't as of 1.8. It's just a decoration, for now.

To collect a dragon egg you need to push it with a piston, and then it will drop as an item.

No, not currently as of update 1.10. There have been rumours about it hatching into a red dragon but none of that has been implemented yet.

Currently in the Vanilla release, dragon eggs do nothing, and are primarily used as an ornament.

In minecraft (The current verision 1.2.5) Its included in the game however you cannot craft one! I dont think you can get it on creatvive either.

It is a decoration block aquired after defeating the enderdragon, that teleports around upon right clicking it.

The Ender Dragon is a part of Minecraft, not a mod. You probably need to update Minecraft.

the ender dragon egg is an item, an ip is used to connect to a server. you probably want the item ID which i believe is 122to get it press tand type /give (your name) 122 1

You cant turn any egg into a dragon egg. You need to receive the egg from a grateful mother dragon. Dont ask for the egg or your be crisped. Do her a favor. If you have any more dragon question post them on my page :) -Jaga5

If this is going to be you're dragon egg, it doesnt matter what egg you have.

Do Twilly's quests to hatch the egg to a baby dragon.

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