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A purse!, necklace , Perfume!, take her to the mall.

just making her happy will make that day special for her<3

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What should you tell your girlfriend on her birthday?

Happy birthday

What should you tell your girlfriend for her birthday?

happy birthday

What does your girlfriend get you for your birthday?


When is a good time to give your girlfriend her birthday present?

On her birthday.

What do you get for your girlfriend 18th birthday?

a vibrator

How can you impress your girlfriend on her birthday?

Hire me

Can I have a girlfriend at my 21 birthday?

In the US you cannot legally have a girlfriend unless she consents.

What message should you send to your girlfriend on her birthday?

I love your birthday almost as much as I love you. Happy birthday!

What should you i get my girlfriend on her 15th birthday?

A poo

How do you wish happy birthday to your girlfriend?

baby happy birthday you mean the world to me and i hope you have a awesome birthday!! i love you!

Why would a man call his married ex-girlfriend?

To find out what to buy you for your birthday present.

Who is Benji girlfriend in the clip of like it's her birthday?

She is just an actress. He does not have a girlfriend as of right now

Where can you take your girlfriend on her birthday with any money?

To a concert

How to make a surprising birthday for a girlfriend?

Introduce her to your boyfriend.

How you can celebrate your birthday with your girlfriend?

we go to the beach mall

What should you give your girlfriend for her birthday?

Anything like jewerly, flowers, chocolates, cards, and stuff like that. Trust me, my girlfriend just had her birthday andthis worked out great.

When is Louis Tomlinson's girlfriend birthday?

He doesn't have a girlfriend at the moment.Eleanor Calder's birthday is July 16th. She is 19, she's turning 20 this year. Hope this helps.

What does it mean when an ex girlfriend sends you a happy birthday text message?

Happy Birthday. Period.

When is Tiffney Cambridge the games girlfriend birthday?

Tiffney Cambridge's birthday is July 27th, 1975.

Should you wish an ex girlfriend happy birthday who is married?

No beacuse then she wont wish you a happy birthday.......

What can you say happy birthday to your girlfriend?

Just say Happy Birthday with a really awesome gift she loves.

What to give girlfriend on her birthday?

The best thing or give to give a girl friend on her birthday is a study Bible.

What are good birthday gifts for a girlfriend?


What a guy wants for his birthday from his girlfriend?

he want your love and trust

When is Labron James girlfriend Savannah Brinson's birthday?

she is a vampire