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Q: What to say when the boss is sick?
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Can you leave work if your child is sick?

you have to let your boss know and then she/he will say yes or no.

What could you say to your boss if u didnt show for work?

You could say that your car wouldn't start to your boss as the reason you didn't show up for work. You could also say that you were sick, that your dog got hit by a car, or you were in a wreck.

What proportion of people have lied to their boss about being sick if 540 people are surveyed and 111 tick the yes box?

The answer depends on what the question for the box was: "Were you sick when you said you were?" or "Did you lie about being sick?". The question does not say.

Is buddy the Cake Boss mother sick?

She has ALS.

What does tulisas tattoo say?

The Female Boss

Can your boss ask you for proof why you called in sick then fire you when you don't give it to him And why?

yes,he can

How do you say I am sick in Tagalog?

I am sick

How do you say sick in twi?

You are sick

Like a boss how many times does he say boss?

43 times

What do you do when your sister does not do what you say?

i boss them

If you didn't go to work what could you told your boss?

If you didn't go to work you could tell your boss you were sick, had car problems, or had a personal issue.

What does it mean when people say i am boss?

It means they think they're awesome. If they say, "I am boss" they're probably a loser.