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I've got 3 balls is usually a good ice breaker, or ordinary hey how are you also works well

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What should you say to a girl in the first meet?

eat his S H I T

What do you say when you first meet a girl?

Hi whats your name she responds and you say your name and say something like your cute

How to tell a girl you want to meet her?

say do you want to meet me somewhere

When to say nice to meet you to someone?

When You First Meet Them.

What do say when you just meet girl?

you just say hi. compliment them or something.

When you first meet a girl she is glowing?

When you first meet a girl and she is glowing, it is very likely that she likes you and is interested. If you feel up to it, you should ask her out to get to know her better.

Did Justin Bieber meet a girl?

no because he had to go out with his mom in order to say he has met a girl.

How do you talk to a girl you've never known?

You say "hello" when you meet her.

What do you say when you meet a beautiful girl?

hello, youre very beautiful

How do i call a girl for dating?

first u meet ur girl and tell directly

When you request a girl to meet but girl saywhy you are meet me what will you say her?

You need to be clear about what you want. If you are looking for a date, make sure she knows that. If she says no, that is her answer and you should ask some other girl.

You meet a girl that said to you the first time you meet there was a spark what does this mean?

well if you are a boy and you see something that means you are in love and if you are a girl you are friends

How can you treat girl on your first day to meet her?

Treat her with Respect !!

What nice word should you tell the girl you meet for the first time?

You need to say my life is way better now that your in it.I hope this worked!

How do you please a girl that doesn't like you?

Firs find a normal girl then ask her: Do you have time? Almost all girls say, that have, then say: I want to meet you! or How are you?

What do you give a girl when first meeting her?

A ring *** When you first meet you should give her a smile.

What should you do when you first meet the parents of the girl you like?

act normal

Why did you just say hi?

Because when you first meet someone, you say hi out of habit.

Why do elephants do trunk shakes when they first meet?

to say hello

If a girl asks for your number the first time you meet her does she like you or just want to be friends?

completely depends...where you meet her and if she is single

What a boy shouls ask to girl when they meet first time?

Hi how are you I am (your name.)

Should I meet with this girl I met online?

If i was in your shoes, no i would not because you cant always trust what they are saying is true. Lets say this girl you meet could be an 70 year old man

The first nation peoples meet john Cabot?

john Cabot did meet the first nations peoples. Sorry to say but there was no evidence for me to explain about this.

What to say to a girl on the first date?

You have to compliment her.

What do you say when you first meet a boy a you like him?

say hi and then say ur name and then tell him maybe we can be friend?