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What to study for the NJ civil service test?


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How do you study for nj civil service exam?


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At this time, there is no statue dedicated to NJ civil service wrongful termination. I may have seen a painting or two with this theme.

In NJ there are two ways. First you can take the civil service test which is done through the state of NJ or some towns hire buy putting out job postings.

There are three locations in which the civil service test is given in Bergen county, New Jersey. They are the Bergen County College in Paramus, the Bergen One-Stop Career Center in Hackensack and the Bergen County Law & Public Safety Institute in Mahwah. When you receive your notice to take the test, it will tell you which one to go to.

There are 30 questions on the NJ motorcycle permit test. You must answer 24 out of 30 for a passing score. When you get 24 correct or 7 incorrect the test ends. If you fail, you may retake the test in 1 week. Study, use common sense and Good Luck Jibby

Acccording to the NJ Dept. of Personnel/NJ Civil Service Commission as of January 4th, 2008, there were 80,122 state employees. You can see the break down at the related link below.

Information on civil service exams are only given to prospective employees. Go online to your desired city or Cape May County's employment section and follow the instructions for setting up an account. Once your account is set, go ahead and fill out the application for your desired position. If a civil service exam is required for that position, they will send you the information on the date, time, and place. Test results will be kept on file for one to three years for future hiring possibilities.

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Dynamic Engineering is a full service land development consulting and civil engineering firm with offices located in Monmouth County and in Morris County , NJ. Contact information can be found at or you can reach them at 732 974 0198

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