What to wear in Poland?

i think that this whole discussion doesn't make sense at all. in most European cities people dress more or less the same way.
nowadays among polish teenagers the most popular clothing item are nike or converse shoes, or for girls: ballet flats. guys tend to wear la coste/ hilfiger/Hugo boss shirts or polo-shirts and really dark jeans. girls wear dark skinny jeans and slack tunics or dresses and leggins.
women wear skirts or dresses, but the most common clothing is again skinny jeans or any other type of jeans. high jeels are very popular. flip-flops are a rare view.
as it comes to casual clothing lots of men wear shirts, elegant jackets and casual trousers for example jeans.
shoes, bags and all the accessories are a very important part of your look.
so, that's how it is in Warsaw.
in Kraków people try to wear clothes that match their personality, they have their unique (not to say weird) style.
as far as I'm concerned in Poland it's like that: the bigger the city, the better the style. :)
if it comes to places like Auschwitz you should look humbly and tidily, it's not a good place to show your legs or chest ;].
in most churches it's ok not to cover your arms or legs, but to acceptable limits.
at the seaside or Mazury (lakes) you can wear almost whatever you want.
have fun in Poland.