What to wear with your new high waisted shorts?

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2009-09-02 16:51:11

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The best top to wear to show off the shorts if a plain vest top. If your shorts are a dark denim, choose a white vest top. If they are lighter, colours can look really effective.

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2009-09-02 16:51:11
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Q: What to wear with your new high waisted shorts?
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Where can i buy high-waisted shorts in New Zealand not online?

You can buy high-waisted shorts in New Zealand at Supre.

Where can i buy high-waisted shorts in New Zealand Not online and not at supre?

You can buy high-waisted shorts in New Zealand at Canterbury.

Where to find 80s style high waisted blue jean shorts?

Some advice is just to look all over the internet. Good answer, but you also can go to Wal-Mart and try their new Miley Cyrus/Max Azria line and buy a pair of high-waisted demin shorts in a dark wash.

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Should I Wear Black Tights Underneath Black High Waisted Shorts To A Disco?

It all depends how modest you are and skin tone. If you have very fair colored skin, you may want to do that. However It is mostly a style based decision. Hose with shorts have popular for years. Hosery is very popular today as outwear. The new look is to wear dark hose with no dress and yes it appears that you are going out in your underwear but thats the style. Just make sure that its more of a thick leotard and not a real transparent hosery. Again it may just be how modest you want to get. Even leotards will show the pubic hump.

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Why is the New Zealand Men's Soccer Team called the All Whites?

Because they all wear white jerseys, shorts and stockings.

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