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iron pic axe or gold anything else it will mine it you just wont get it

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โˆ™ 2012-09-21 21:14:43
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Q: What tools do you need to dig Diamond in Minecraft Pocket Edition?
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What tools do you need to mine iron in minecraft pocket edition?

You need a stone pickaxe or better to mine iron ore/block.

What tools do you use to cut diamond on minecraft?

To get diamond, you need a pickaxe of iron, gold or diamond.

How do you mine iron in Minecraft Pocket Edition for iPod I have stone tools but how do I get iron tools I found iron but stone tools don't mine it HELP?

Try wooden tools if haven't tried those! If that doesn't help I don't know what to tell you bro!

What is the durability of diamond tools in minecraft?

A diamond tool has 1562 uses before it breaks.

Do diamond tools ever break in minecraft pe?

Yes, they behave the same way they do in the computer version of Minecraft.

How do you craft a new weapon in minecraft pocket addition?

On the crafting table, go to the tools section.

What are all the uses of diamond in minecraft?

Diamond Armor, Diamond Tools, other stuff like Jukeboxes. The rarest material of all.. diamonds. You find some, you should be happy Diamond is the highest tier in UNMODDED minecraft. See DIAMOND.

Can any diamond tools break in minecraft pe?

Yes, but it takes a lot of damage for them to be destroyed.

How do you craft a sword in minecraft pocket addition survival mode?

Go to the tools section while on the crafting table.

How many hits can a gold sword take on Minecraft pocket edition?

Gold swords and tools last 33 uses (mob hits) so the answer is 33. However, if you use the sword for digging blocks it gets used twice as fast.

How do you craft asword in minecraft pocket addition survival mode?

Go to the tools section on the crafting table and press the sword.

What can you do on Minecraft pocket?

Minecraft: Pocket Edition was just recently released. As such, there aren't many features available. At this time, there is a creative mode and a survival mode, yet the only differences are a health bar in survival and some mobs (zombies and sheep right now). There are doors and basic building blocks, but most of the redstone items have not been added yet. There are tools, yet there isn't a crafting system as of yet. At the moment, Pocket Edition is still a very basic form of Minecraft. Over the next few months, Notch and Jeb will be adding features to the game to flesh it out and make it more like Survival Mode. Right now, the most you can do is build and occasionally fight zombies.

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