What tools does Buffy the vampire slayer use?

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tools as in what weapons she uses well the basic vampire slayer will have all your usual weapons you would see with anyone who kills vampires such as

Wooden stake

holy water




and if you have seen season 7 then a really cool scythe that is all slayer powered

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Q: What tools does Buffy the vampire slayer use?
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Who was the first person to use the name The Scooby Gang In Buffy the Vampire Slayer?


What weapon did Buffy the Vampire Slayer use to kill vampires?

a stake She uses many weapons, but the stake is her classic "go-to."

What spell does Amy use in Buffy the Vampire slayer?

"Goddess Hecate, work thy will. Before thee, let the unlean thing crawl!"

Does Buffy in Buffy the vampire slayer die at the end of season 1?

Yes, Buffy does die briefly due to falling into a small pool of water, and drowning. Xander's quick use of CPR brought her back to life, without much change, except the creation of a New Slayer, Kendra. Thus marking for the first time that we know of, two Slayers existing at one time.

What is the Buffy the vampire slayer episode about losing memories?

The name of the episode was "Tabula Rasa" where willow casts a spell to make Buffy forget that she was in Heaven and for Tara to forget that she was horribly upset about Willow's use of magic. The spell backfires and the whole Scooby Gang (and Spike) lose their memories.

What kind of vampire slayer weapons are there?

a slayer is meant to be able to use everyday items to fight off the creatures of darkness. like breaking a chair leg to get a stake or using a kitchen knife to behead a vampire.

What tools you can use to become a cold one?

If by "cold one" you mean a vampire, there are no tools you can use because vampires do not exist in reality. People can act like a fictional vampire, but that doesn't make them a vampire.

How can you tell who your slayer master is on runescape?

Buy a gem from any slayer master and use it, your recommended slayer master will talk to you.

What season was Buffy a robot?

She wasn't ever a robot, really. Spike had gotten a 'Buffy-bot' to help him with his 'sexual desires' while Buffy wasn't with him. When Buffy dies, sacrificing herself, they use they same Buffy-bot to help around Sunnydale.

How do you check your runescape slayer task?

You just simply use an Enchanted Gem, you can buy them off a slayer master.

What tools do inventors use?

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What tools did the khoikhoi use?

tools!what tools

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