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Q: What topical skin care product works best to promote new collagen growth in aging sun damaged skin?
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What does alpha-hydroxy do?

Alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs) are use in topical skin care products to exfoliate, or slough away, dead skin cells and promote collagen growth.

Does fluocinolone acetonide topical solution promote hair growth?

can fluocinolone acetonide topical solution be used for psoriasis

Is there a topical product that reduces swelling?

Yes an ice pack.

Can you use a salicylic topical product while taking aspirin?


What is topical product?

Any type of balm, cream, gel-type product that is rubbed onto the skin.

Does vigrx oil work?

It may or may not work. It is claimed by the manufacturers to promote blood flow to the penis. The manufacturers, who are in business to sell products and make money, claim that this product improves erections and is like a "topical viagra".

Which topical creams provide back pain relief?

Icy-Hot can help ease muscle pain. It is a topical ointment and can relieve cramps and sore muscles. Bengay is a similar product that will also help.

What is a topical pregnancy?

topical pregnancy

What kind of topical medication should be used on a pressure ulcer?

Triderma MD it is great for minor to severly damaged skin from pressure areas on the body.

What is a topical website?

defination of topical website

Why is this Question topical?

This question is Uncategorized and not topical.

What is topical websites?

defination of topical website

What is bacitracin?

Bacitracin is a nonprescription antibiotic, usually provided in topical ointment form and discovered as a product of the bacterium Bacillus subtilis.

What is a sentence for topical?

a sentence for topical storm ******************************* A topical news report is one that is happening at the present time.

What is topical?

On top of the skin. Topical medications are used on the skin.

What is topical arrangement in English?

topical nis all about lovelyf

Can you recommend an anti aging supplement?

Nothing can stop the aging process but the fact that you are working out is a good start. CoQ10 is as good as it gets on the supplement side. It regenerates collagen and comes in both topical lotions and ingest-able forms.

How can you use the word topical in a sentence?

Does he or she use topical sentences topical is an adjective meaning local topical treatment of medication, applied at a particular area. (see hyperlink in discussion menu)

What is a sentence with the word topical?

The dotoor gave his patient a topical anesthetic.

Can topical elastin become part of native elastin?

topical elastin

What is in carbolated vaseline?

Carbonel Vaseline is a topical product from the Watkins Company also known as medicated or â??black salveâ??. The product can be used for a variety of purposes such as burns, cuts, scrapes and even sunburn. The product has a soothing analgesic property along with healing.

What is the meaning of Topical treatment?

Topical treatment is medication applied to the skin surface.

What is a topical geography?

Topical Geography: Something that has happened recently that is to do with geography. e.g.

What is a topical speech?

A topical speech is when your speech is 'of the moment'; relating to a current topic.

When was American Topical Association created?

American Topical Association was created in 1949.