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Link Deas provides a job for Helen Robinson as a cook and housekeeper after her husband's death. He also makes sure she has a safe way to get to work by providing her with a ride to and from his house.

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Q: What tow services does Link Deas perform for Helen Robinson because he felt right bad about the way things turned out?
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What two services does Link Deas perform for Helen Robinson because he'felt right bad about the way things turns out'?

Link Deas provides Helen Robinson with a job as a maid in his household and ensures her safety by warning Bob Ewell to stay away from her.

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What two servives does link deas perform for helen robinson he felt right bad about the way things turned out?

Link Deas provided financial support for Helen Robinson and also ensured her safety by offering her a job as his maid. He felt guilty and regretful about the unfair treatment Helen received as a result of her husband's trial.

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