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i think u cant buy rare candy at shops

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How do you get a bunch of rare candys in Pokemon pearl in pastoria town?

Action replay at target

What town in Pokemon Diamond has shiny Pokemon?

shiny Pokemon are rare you can find them almost any were but they are super rare

How do you get to lilypad town in Pokemon Diamond?

there is no lilypad town in diamond

Where is Alamos Town in Pokemon Diamond?

Alamos Town does not appear in the Pokemon Diamond version of this game. It is in the movie, but not on this game.

Is there a lavender town in Pokemon Diamond pearl and platinum?

No, they removed Lavender Town in Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum.

Where do you find rare candys in ruby?

Trick master (1st challenge) Magma hideout. Waterfall near Fallabor town.

Where is a berry shop in Pokemon Diamond?

In Pokemon Diamond, the berry shop is in Floaroma Town.

In Pokemon diamond what town is the flower paradise?

Floaroma Town

Where is twin leaf town in Pokemon LeafGreen?

There is no town called Twinleaf Town in Pokemon Leaf Green, only in Pokemon Diamond and in Pokemon Pearl.

Where to find rare Pokemon?

this at Pokemon diamond and pearl and platinum only go to sandgem town and there is a big house get in there and there is a little girl talk to her she will give all the information you need

Where is pallet town in Pokemon Diamond?

there is no pallet town in diamond in diamond sinnohs pallet town is either sandgem town[that's where the professers lab is or twinleaf town that's where our hero is born

What Are Chanceys Attraced To In Pokemon Diamond?

Nothing. But you can find them on route 209 right below the town called solaceon town. They are rare but not very rare. If you have one use your pokeradar to find chansey and walk into the ones that sparkle. hope this helped!

Where is mazuki in Pokemon diamond?

sandgem town

Where is the daycae on Pokemon diamond?

In Solaceon town.

How and where do you get eggs in Pokemon diamond?

you get them at solceon town

What is sandgem town on Pokemon?

Sandgem town is the second town in Pokemon Diamond/ Pearl/ Platinum. It is the home of Professor Rowan

How do you unlock Alamos Town in Pokemon Diamond?

Alamos town was an anime exclusive town and does not appear in the Diamond game. The rise of Darkrai was set in the town.

Where do you catch Larvitar in Pokemon?

Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow: Unobtainable Pokemon Gold, Silver, and Crystal: Mt. Silver (Rare) Pokemon Sapphire, Ruby, and Emerald: Trade from FireRed or LeafGreen Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen: Sevault Canyon (Rare) Pokemon Diamond: Route 207 (PokeRadar) Pokemon Pearl: Trade from Diamond Pokemon Colosseum: Unobtainable Pokemon XD: Trade Wooper to Duking in Pyrite Town Pokemon Platinum: Route 206 (Swarm)

How do you find Solaceon town in Pokemon White?

Solaceon Town is in Diamond, Pearl and Platinum, not Pokemon White.

Where is the Pokemon daycare center in Pokemon Diamond?

The Pokemon day care is in Solaceon Town

What town is the tower where you get strength in Pokemon Diamond for DS?

Solaceon town is the where the tower is located in which the player can find the strength HM. This town is located off of route 209 in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl.

Where do you get the hm surf in Pokemon diamond?

Celestic Town

Where is the ironworks on Pokemon diamond?

West of Floaroma Town

What do you do in the cave in celestic town in Pokemon diamond?


In Pokemon diamond what town do you get revive herbs?