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Q: What towns are in Pennsylvania across from Princeton NJ?
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What is the zip code for Princeton NJ?

Princeton, NJ has five zip codes: 08544 (Princeton University only) 08543 08542 08541 08540

Is there a Princeton university campus in Paris?

No, the Princeton University campus is in Princeton, NJ USA.

How many miles from Princeton NJ and China?

It is 7,166 miles between Princeton, NJ and the country of China. There are an estimated 28,000 residents who currently live in Princeton.

How many miles between Annapolis MD and Princeton NJ?

According to, it is 136.7 miles from Annapolis, MD to Princeton, NJ.

Where is CollegeBoard headquartered?

Princeton, NJ

Where did Oppenheimer die?

Princeton NJ

What is the driving distance between Hamilton NJ and Princeton NJ?

14 miles

How do you get to Princeton from Washington?

You can, of course, get to Princeton University by car. Bus service runs from Manhattan to Princeton and stops across the street from the Princeton University Campus. The trip takes about 90 minutes. Trains travel roughly hourly from Pennsylvania Station, New York, to Trenton, NJ, and stop at Princeton Junction, about one hour from Penn Station. At Princeton Junction, a shuttle train called The Dinkey meets each arriving train and goes to the Princeton Train Station, on the edge of the Princeton University Campus. This service is included in the cost of train travel to Princeton Junction. The same NJ Transit train service also stops at Newark Airport, so it is possible to fly from anywhere in the world to Newark International Airport and take the train to Princeton. Some Amtrak Trains running between Boston/New York and Washington, DC, also stop at Princeton Junction and are met by The Dinkey. SEPTA Commuter trains depart from Philadelphia's 30th Street Station for Trenton, NJ, where you can transfer to a NJ Transit train that stops at Princeton Junction on its way to New York's Pennsylvania Station. Private airplanes can land at the Trenton-Mercer County Airport, about 10 minutes drive from Princeton University. Scheduled service is not available at this airport. The usual airport limo and bus services connect Princeton with the three major New York area airports (Newark, Kennedy, and LaGuardia) and with the Philadelphia Airport.

Driving distance between philadelphia and Princeton?

45 road miles to Princeton, NJ

What is the population of Princeton NJ?

31,249 (2016).

Where did Grover Cleveland settle?

Princeton, NJ

What is the address and telephone number for Princeton University?

Princeton University 1 Nassau Hall Princeton, NJ 08544-9400 NJ Tel. 609-258-3000 Fax 609-258-1301