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If you have a flesh light and then get a dildo you obviously got rid of your penis and grew a vagina. That there is a physical change boy.

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Q: What toy demonstrates physical change?
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Is a toy truck rusting an effect of physical change?

Yes, it is.

Is clay is molded into a new shape a physical or chemical change?

This demonstrates a physical change. The way the clay looks is now physically different because the shape of it has changed.

Is molded clay physical or chemical change?

physical, because it can be easily reversed

Is a toy physical model?

A toy is a physical model.

Is a toy a physical thing?

A toy is a physical thing.

A melting candle demonstrates which reaction?

A melting candle demonstrates physical reaction.

Is drawing copper into wire a physical property or a physical change?

Yes, it is. You aren't altering the chemical composition at all - it's still copper - you are merely changing its shape.

What toy shows a physical change?

View the Related Link below for a common picture of Physical Changes.

Which toy demonstrates a construction principle that can reduce damage from an earthquake?


Is wood sawed and made into a toy box a chemical or physical change?

Physical-it is still wood, just in small pieces

What is the method used to construct a hypothetical evolutionary tree?

Observing trends in physical characteristics and grouping them in a way that demonstrates gradual change.

What example of changing a substance is an example of what?

iodine'(solid) can sublime to gas. also so does camphor Sublimation is a physical change, not a chemical change. Any substance that burns demonstrates a chemical change called combustion.