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They played with dolls, but they mostly read comic books and played Board Games like Sorry and Monopoly.

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What toys do kids play with in Netherlands?


What kind of toys did kids play with back then?

Board games, dolls, small toys.

What kind of toys do kids in belgium play with?


Two toys that kids play with in the bathtub?

rubber duck

Why did people make stuffed toys?

for kids to play and cuddle with

What toys or games did kids play in 1800s?

They played with themselves.

What kind of toys do kenyan kids play with?

cheese lol

What type of toys did the colony kids play?

They played outside.

What are some big toys for kids under 5?

big toys for kids under 5 like the Tonka trucks. they are huge to play with and give the kids a jolly good time. they will also love to play with big blockz its a place that makes big things and lets your kids play with them.

What type of toys and games do kids in south Africa play?


How do toys attractive kids?

well most kids love to use toys for imaginary freinds,but older kids (10+)stop playin with toys and are most likely to play games like WII,NINTENDO,and,xbox. go figure?

Do autistic kids like toys?

Autistic kids don't have as much interest in overall play as normal kids do, but you can help them develop play skills by providing therapy for them.

What did children in the 1930s play?

Kids in the 1930's played monopoly and they played with puzzles. The kids played a game called kick the can.

Paragraph on what if toys could talk?

A good paragraph on what if toys could talk would talk about imagining if toys had feelings. It would explain that toys feel neglected when kids ignore them or toss them aside. Kids also can make toys feel happy when they play with them, kiss them, and squeeze them.

Do they sell adult toys at toys r us?

Adults can play with kids' toys if they want! However, if you mean erotic toys intended for use only by adults, no, they don't sell those.

What did kids do for entertainment in the 1930?

The 1930s was the midst of the Great Depression, and children commonly resorted to creating their own games with the few toys they had. Activities were often imaginative and toys homemade or very cheap, yet children were still able to enjoy their free time. A number of board games were developed in the 1930s that are still around today. Scrabble was created in the early 1930s. Children also spent time outdoors in neighborhood settings and engaged in imaginative, open play. In the winter sledding and skating were popular outdoor activities.

Where can I get engineering toys for my kids in Bangalore?

Smart kids require smarter toys to keep them engaged. Recently visited FullOfToys, and loved their wide range of curated and smart educational toys. Some of their exclusive collection of toys like - Arcitecto Book, Rush hour can be a great choice in helping your kids learn while they play.

Why do dogs get so excited about chew toys and things?

The same reason kids get excited about toys. It's inexplicable. They just like to play.

What are cool toys for kids?

balls motorcycles barbie dolls play house and alot look at toys`r us or target or walmart

Are beyblade toys popular among the kids toys?

Yes, they are popular among the kids toys. With Beyblades Metal Fusion Toys kids pick their character and team up with other kids.

Does your kids like to play with toys in the family swimming pool?

Of course, there are many pool toys made for kids to have fun with, volleyball, basketball, slides, floaties, even remote control boats.

Why do kids loves toys a lot?

Kids actually loves toys as they find it interesting to play with.Toys are created to enthusiast kids or to make them quiet and not be a disturbance when adults are busy with something.But some of the kids do not like toys as they are not given a chance to play with during their earlier stage or when they are growing up.I think toys are very important for those who are in their early age for example babies and below than 5 years old because it helps to build their knowledge.

Where did kids in the 1930s get their toys?

Would you believe Macy's, Gimbals, and Sax. Plus the 5 & 10 (a whole series of stores that sold cheap). And the back of cereal boxes. And hand me downs ... you'd be surprised how durable old toys were.

What kind of toy's kids in Brazil play with?

With the same toys American kids play, bikes, dolls. althought they usually play inside because most people live in tall buildings

What companies make kids tool toys?

Some companies the make kids tool toys are: Toys'R'Us, which have a line of Home Depot toys, Little Tykes and Toysmith, which have gardening and lawn tools and Learning Resources, which has play tools and a belt set.