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there are some trainers who have bulbasurs at the battle frontier.


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No, Bulbasaur is unobtainable in Platinum (you can still trade or receive it as a mystery gift).

Sorry but there isn't a trainer with a bagon in platinum.

no one no trainer has a kingdra in Pokemon platinum exept for me :P

You cannot find Bulbasaur in Pokemon Platinum. you can only get a Bulbasaur through trading from Pokemon Leaf Green or Fire Red. You can even use an AR to get Bulbasaur in Pokemon Platinum. Sorry I don't remember the code. Have fun and good luck.

bulbasaur was the FIRST Pokemon in the ORIGINALversion. Pokemon platinum version is the new version.sorry but bulbasuar isn't in Pokemon platinum!!Once you have the international pokedex (seen/catch all of the current pokedex) you will be able to get bulbasaur traded to platinum (along with all the other 300 or whatever Pokemon that aren't in platinum but in the other games

you can get bulbasaur on Pokemon platinum at route 222 you can also get charmander at sendoff spring but you need the pokeradar for both of them

No you cannot because you get get it in the wild and no one gives i to you you can migrate from another game like pokemon Heartgold where you get it after you beat trainer Red ontop of mt. Silver.

You can catch trainer Pokemon in Pokemon platinum by using an action replay. When you first buy an action replay catch trainer Pokemon is programmed with it.

You can't find Bulbasaur in the wild on Pokemon Diamond or Pearl (not sure about Platinum).

The trainer on Route 209 has Cleffa in Pokemon Platinum. Cleffa is a fairy type Pokemon and can evolve into Clefairy.

You cannot find bulbasaur on Pokemon pearl, diamond and platinum but you can transfer from GBA via pal park.

the trainer by that place, you know ? :)

yea maybe you, you are a trainer

no he's in other pokemon games

you cant but you can download it from a game boy


Where do you find a trainer who has a glacion in pokemon platnum?

There is no trainer with it, but you can evolve remoraid at level 25.

no trainer has it try finding it in safari zone

Bulbasaur is a starter for the Johto Region, so you cant catch him in the Sinnoh.

The first Pokemon in the national pokedex is a bulbasaur

You have to transfer it from Pokemon Red, Blue, Yellow, Firered, or Leafgreen.

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