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Phlebotomy training requires a specific course of study for certification. Coursework includes anatomy and physiology, as well as practical training, sterile technique, etc. Check out: AND

In most states one needs to have a certain amount of class and training time to test for a license to become a Plebotomist. Each state varies on the amount of classroom hours and clinical hours. The best research to do in your state to to look at local community colleges in your area that offer the program.

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Q: What training is require for phlebotomy?
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What kind of training do phlebotomy JOBS require?

Many states do not require phlebotomy training. You can usually get certification after completing a several week program.

What are the prerequisites to a phlebotomy training program?

Prerequisites are usually just a high school diploma. Most states do not require phlebotomy so you can usually get on the job training.

Is phlebotomy training part of a LPN's coursework?

I think it depends on the school you attend. For example I attend Beckfield and they do not require phlebotomy courses as a part of your degree, however, Cincinnati State does require this coursework.

Where can I get phlebotomy training in Montana?

Montana State University offers phlebotomy training

Are there any programs that have phlebotomy training?

Yes, there are many phlebotomy training programs. Check out

Does the State of Kentucky require that all nursing assistants have some form of phlebotomist training?

There is no evidence that phlebotomy training is required for NAs in Kentucky.

What do you need to work for phlebotomy?

To work in Phlebotomy you need either to get a job that has on the job training or attend a college or vocational school that has phlebotomy as a diploma. Some states in the USA do not require any formal phlebotomy experience as the job can be taught with on the job training. However some states require that you attend, pass and receive a certificate from an accredited phlebotomy education program. In the UK there are no formal program only on the job training, and the only requirements are a high school/GCSE's in Math, and English. Hope this has helped.Goddes34 December 5, 2008

How much should I expect to spend for phlebotomy training?

You can expect to pay about $850 for phlebotomy training

Where can I find Phlebotomy training in Los Angeles?

The best place in the LA area to get Phlebotomy training is at the Charles R. Drew University. They specialize in medical fields and you can see their phlebotomy training page at

Where can I find phlebotomy training in florida?

The best place to go for phlebotomy training classes is your local community college.

What kind of colleges offer training in Phlebotomy?

You can get phlebotomy training at many different technical schools such as Everest Institute. You can also find phlebotomy courses at your local community college.

How can I find phlebotomy training in Greensboro, NC?

Simply visit Provide the name " Phlebotomy Training" or "Phlebotomy School"in Greensboro, NC. Yellow pages will provide you with a list of "Phlebotomy schools in the Greensboro, NC area.

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