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There isn't one set of traits that all main characters share. I suspect you were told to read a set of stories and analyze the characters in those stories, and in that case, we can't really help you since we don't know what stories you're supposed to read.

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Q: What traits do the main character of each story have in common how are they different?
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Do character traits matter when reading a story?

You judge a character in a story by their traits. That's how you define a person as a villain, or a good person in a book.

What are the character traits of the narrator in the story and why?

Do you have a pic or what the story is called?

What indicates that a character in a story is a round character?

a round character is," a person with many traits or qualities."

What process of revealing a character's traits in a story is called?

The process of revealing a character's traits in a story is called characterization. This can be done through a character's actions, thoughts, dialogue, appearance, and interactions with other characters.

A character in a story not given much character traits?

If a character in a story is not given many character traits, they may come across as flat or one-dimensional. This can make it challenging for readers to connect with or understand the character. Adding depth to the character by providing more background information or exploring their motivations can help bring them to life in the story.

What does character tratis mean?

Character Traits are specific aspects of the character that are key to how the character interacts with others or the setting within a story. These tend to be the major defining personality traits of a character, though they may go on to be more detailed in a manner which relates only to the story which the character is found in.

Character traits from west side story?

Lots of dancing and singing

What is a static or dynamic character in a story?

A static character remains the same throughout the story, with their beliefs and traits remaining constant. In contrast, a dynamic character undergoes significant internal change or development as a result of the events in the story.

What is a round charater?

A round character is character that is described very detailed in the story. You know what he looks like, what his personality is like, what his character's traits are. A round character can also be a character that changes through the course of the story.

What is definition of charcater traits?

They r things that describe the characters in the story

Which of these is a type of character that exhibits only one or two qualities or traits and is less important to the story?

Flat Character

How do character traits affect the opinions of the character?

Character traits influence how a character perceives and reacts to situations in a story. For example, a character who is brave may approach challenges with confidence, whereas a character who is fearful may avoid risks. These traits shape the character's opinions, beliefs, and choices throughout the narrative.