What travels by waves?

Updated: 9/23/2023
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By mechanical waves matter plus energy is traveled.Electro magnetic waves carry only energy.

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Q: What travels by waves?
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What is an explanation of how energy travels in waves to produce light and sound?

Light travels in waves, and sound travels in waves. However, sound waves and light waves are very different, and it is important not to confuse the two. Light travels in electromagnetic waves, and sound does not. Sound waves are caused by vibration.

How do sounds travels?

Sound travels in waves.

Does light travels in waves and is required in a medium?

Yes, it travels in waves, but it doesn't need a medium.

What travels in waves and we use our ears to hear it?

Sound is something that travels in waves and we hear with our ears.

Light energy travels in?

Light travels in waves.

Does light travel in waves?

yes it travels in waves.

Sound travels in what?


What does Electromagnetic energy travels?

Electromagnetic energy travels in waves.

Where does sound travels through?

Sound travels through waves.

What always travels ahead of other waves?

p waves

Which travels at a greater speed light waves or sound waves?

Light Waves.

Energy that travels by waves?

Sound; light and other electromagnetic waves; gravitational waves.