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the treaty was called "the treaty of versialles" or "the peace treaty".

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Q: What treaty was signed that ended world war 2?
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What was the treaty world war 1 ended with?

The Treaty that ended the First World War was the Treaty of Versailles signed in June 1919.

What was the name of the treaty signed after World War 1?

The Treaty of Versailles ended WW1.

When was world war 1's peace treaty signed?

It was signed 4 hours before the war ended.

1 Where was the treaty signed that ended World War 1?

maybe washigton

What document was signed that ended World War 1 for the US?

The treaty of versallis

Where was the treaty ending the war was signed?

Are you refering to WWI or WWII? If WWI, the treaty of Versailles ended the war and was signed in Versailles. WWII did not have any single treaty that ended the war. you got it!

Which treaty ended World War 2?

It was not a treaty that ended World War 2. The German signed unconditional surrender documents with Russia and the rest of the Allied forces. The Japanese also signed unconditional surrender documents with the Allied Forces. The Allied Forces then took occupation of Germany and Japan for up to seven years. The Versailles Treaty was the treaty that ended World War 1.

When was the treaty signed in World War 2?

Different countries signed the treaty, the signing started in 1941 and ended in 1954, I hope this answers your question.

When did the treaty of Versailles's occur?

The Versailles Treaty, also known as the Treaty of Versailles was organised and signed after world war one had ended. It was officially signed on June 28, 1919.

When did MacArthur sign the peace treaty after world war 2?

The treaty that ended WW2 was signed August 14, 1945.

Where was the treaty that ended World War 2 signed?

On board the USS Missouri in Tokyo Bay.

What ended the French and Indian War and what did the treaty say?

the treaty of paris, signed at the end of the war