What tree did Buddha sit under?

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The Buddha achieved enlightenment while sitting under a fig

tree,whose species is now called ficus religious. The specific tree

is called The Bodhi tree, where Bodhi means Enlightenment.

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The Buddha just before he became a Buddha as a Bodhisattva, sat

under the Assattha (Pali), often called the Bodhi-tree, and

thereupon attained enlightenment becoming a Buddha. There is,

however, more to this. The Pali word Assattha is probably the past

participle of the Pali word, 'assasati' which can literally mean

"enter by the breath". This makes sense if we understand that

Buddhahood is achieved by access to the fourth meditation or dhyana

(Jp., Zen) which utilizes the breath to finally transcend it. Here

the mind reaches its apex. Mind awakens to its own immaculate

nature, hence, Buddha.

That would be the "Bodhi Tree."

Although there are many thoughts on this question the original

tree, under which Buddha received the enlightenment was Ficus

benghalensis, the Banyan.

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