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What tree did Buddha sit under?

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The Buddha achieved enlightenment while sitting under a fig tree,whose species is now called ficus religious. The specific tree is called The Bodhi tree, where Bodhi means Enlightenment.

AnswerThe Buddha just before he became a Buddha as a Bodhisattva, sat under the Assattha (Pali), often called the Bodhi-tree, and thereupon attained enlightenment becoming a Buddha. There is, however, more to this. The Pali word Assattha is probably the past participle of the Pali word, 'assasati' which can literally mean "enter by the breath". This makes sense if we understand that Buddhahood is achieved by access to the fourth meditation or dhyana (Jp., Zen) which utilizes the breath to finally transcend it. Here the mind reaches its apex. Mind awakens to its own immaculate nature, hence, Buddha.

That would be the "Bodhi Tree."

Although there are many thoughts on this question the original tree, under which Buddha received the enlightenment was Ficus benghalensis, the Banyan.

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How long did buddha sit under the bodhi-tree?

49 days

Which buddha sit under neem tree?

Prince Siddartha Gautama sat under a tree. He remained there until he found his enlightenment.

What was the name of the tree Buddha sat and meditated under?

the name of the tree which buddha sat under was named badhi

How long did buddha sit under the bodhi tree?

49 days until compassion lead him back to spread dharma

Why does Buddha sit with his legs crossed?

because thats the position you use to medidate, he meditated under the tree of wisdom to find enlightenment

What kind of tree did buddha die under?

SAL tree

What tree did Buddha meditate under?

The Buddha likely meditated under many trees ;-), but he attained enlightenment under a bodhi tree located in Bodh Gaya, India.

Why is the Buddha sat behind a tree?

Well, the Buddha sat under a tree because it offered him shade and protection.

What did Buddha learn under the tree?


How many days did buddha sit under bodi tree?

Buddah sat under a pipal or a bodi tree for 49 days waiting for truth to be revealed to him. He meditated daily and vowed not to get up until he had received his enlightenment.

When Buddha was a boy under which tree did he go into his first state of meditation?

the bodhi tree

Why is the Buddha worshiped?

For reaching enlightenment under the Boddhi tree.

How did Buddha discover the truth about life?

while under a tree

Where did Buddha find enlightenment and awakening?

under the bodhi tree

Where did Buddha gain Enlightenmrnt?

Under the Bodhi (banyan) tree.

Where did Buddha receive illumination?

Tradition states that the Buddha meditated under the Mahabodhi tree (a Sacred Fig tree (Ficus religiosa)) located in Bodh Gaya, India. He was enlightened there.

Where did Buddha achieve enlightenment?

Guatama Buddha became enlightened under a Bodhi tree in Bodh Gaya, India.

Where did Gautama Buddha get enlightenment?

under a tree (he chose the middle path)

How many days did the Buddha meditate under the tree for for?

49 days.

What type of tree did the buddha meditate under to abtaind the enlightenment?


What is a bodhi tree?

The Bodhi tree is the tree which the Buddha sat under for 49 days, Buddhists visit the tree as an act of worship

What is the name of the tree the Buddhists meditate under?

The Buddha became enlightened meditating under the bodhi tree in Bodh Gaya, India.

Is unlock a preposition?

No. Unlock is a verb.Think of a preposition as anything a bird can do to a tree. A bird can sit IN a tree, it can fly THROUGH the tree, it can be ON a branch, it can sit UNDER the tree, it can fly TO the tree. It cannot sit unlock a tree.

What tree did Buddha sit down under?

The Bodhi tree at the Mahabodhi Temple is called the Sri MahaBodhi. According to Buddhism, after his Enlightenment, the Buddha spent a whole week in front of the tree, standing with unblinking eyes, gazing at it with gratitude. A shrine was later erected on the spot where he so stood, and was called the Animisalocana cetiya (q.v.).

How many days did the Buddha fast for?

49 days under the Bodhi Tree