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They were called the Nuremberg trials.

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Q: What trials convicted many Nazi War criminals?
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How many Nazi criminals were there?

Nuremberg trials were a series of trial held to try and punish Nazi criminals of war. In all 22 major Nazi war criminals were tried. 12 were awarded death penalty and rest were awarded imprisonment ranging between 10 years to life. Of the 12 awarded death penalty 10 were eventually hanged. Hermann Goering committed suicide and Martin Bormann was sentenced in Absentia and was never caught. A series of secondary trials punished hundreds of low ranking Nazi criminals of war.

Are there any Nazi war criminals still out there?

It is to be assumed there may still be Nazi War Criminals out there. As so many people participated in the Nazi Party, it is impossible to assume that all Nazi War criminals were captured.

How many convicted criminals are illegal aliens?

About 17%. =]

How many were convicted during the Salem witch trials?


How many people were convicted of Nazi war crimes?


How many people were convicted and hanged during the salem witch trials?

Twenty-sixish were convicted. Nineteen of them were executed.

Did anybody ever escape the Nuremberg trials?

Many, many war criminals escaped justice.

What were the consequences of the Nuremberg war crimes trials?

In post WW 2 Europe, Nuremberg Germany was the city where the allies put Nazi war criminals on trial. The trials exposed to the horror of most people, how many war crimes were committed and how many innocent civilians were put to death. The trials also exposed the Holocaust and the genocide of Jewish people in Europe during the war. Many Nazi's were given death sentences and long prison terms.

How many people were convicted in the Scottboro trials?

Eight of the nine men were killed.

How many were convicted in the Salem trials?

Around 25. Only 19 were executed.

Are all persons in jail criminals?

Technically, one becomes a criminal only once convicted of a crime. Many people in jails are awaiting trial and have not been convicted, so they are "prisoners" rather than "criminals."

The trials of Nuremberg gave many Nazi leaders the death sentence?


How many were convicted at the Salem witch trials?

19. 14 women, 5 men.

How many dogs were convicted in the 1992 sheepdog trials?

You made me laugh. Job done !

What is the trial name for the criminals in the Holocaust?

They were the Nuremberg War Crimes Trials. ____ There were some other similar trials, for example the 'Bergen-Belsen Tribunal'; there were trials in Poland, Belgium and France, and many other countries.

What were the Nuremberg Trials?

In the Nuremberg trials many leading Nazis were tried for their crimes committed during World War II. ___ The Nuremberg trials were international military tribunals held after WWII in 1946 onwards, which tried accused Nazi war criminals for crimes against humanity. There was a whole series of Nuremberg Trials, starting with the Trial of the Major War Criminals in 1945-46. Of the 24 members of the Nazi leadership, three were acquitted, twelve were sentenced to death by hanging and the rest were handed prison sentences ranging from ten years to life. On October 16, 1946 ten of the twelve men were hanged. One was tried and convicted in absentia, originally presumed escaped, he was later declared dead by the German government. And the other, managed to commit suicide hours before his scheduled execution. Many other individuals and organizations were tried such as military officers guards, financiers and other collaborators. The Nuremberg trials resulted in 24 executions, 128 imprisonments and 35 acquittals. ___ In addition to the Nuremberg Trials there were many other trials of people accused of atrocities. For example, there were separate trials for those accused of atrocities at Bergen-Belsen (September-November 1945) and Auschwitz (1947-48). The Nazis' acts against humanity in supporting the killing off of all the Jews, and for not trying to stop the crimes. _____ To put all Nazi Generals on Trial for the Holocaust.

How many people had trials during Salem witch trials?

2 in 1692 all 26 who actually went to trial (lots more were accused) were convicted.

How many criminals are Catholic priests?

Roman Catholic AnswerNone, there would be no criminals who would be practicing priests. If a priest is convicted of a crime, the usual course would be for the Church to laicize him.

Who killed the Nazis?

The Nazi government was defeated by Soviet Russia, Britain, and the United States of America, among other Allies.The Nazis themselves were tried at the Nuremberg Trials, and many convicted of war crimes, genocide, and crimes against humanity. They were hanged, many of them by Albert Pierrepoint.

Where can an individual watch footage of the Nuremberg Trials?

The Nuremberg Trials are famous for the prosecution of many Nazi leaders. One can watch documentaries of this on the History channel or on sites such as Youtube.

What were the Nuremberg Trials and who were they for?

After WW2 the trials put Nazi death camp officers and other major officers in the Nazi government on trial for their crimes. They were charged with war crimes and people who had lived through the death camps gave testimony against them. Actually, in Germany and around the world there were many more war criminals who escaped and in the 1950's more of these people were put on trial for their crimes. Many have escaped to this day that took part in the murder of 6 million and the German government has covered up for some of the men involved.

What happened at the nuremburg trials?

At the Nuremberg Trials 24 of the highest Nazi leaders were tried for their war crimes of genocide and many other war crimes. The trial took a year and there were 100 other Nazis tried for war crimes too. Of the 24 big time leaders they were all convicted and most were executed. Many of the 100 received prison sentences. See the related link below.

What happened in nuremburg during World War 2?

Nothing during, but after they held the famous Nuremberg Trials, where many Nazi leaders and scientist were convicted of war crimes and crimes against humanity. They were then sentenced to death, or sent to Area 51 to work for the US, no joke.

Why were the Nuremberg trials held in Nuremberg?

It was a symbolic location. Many major Nazi rallies had been held there from 1927 to 1938.

What was the puropse of the Tokyo and the Nuremberg trials?

The War Crime trials were held to punish war-criminals . The Nuremberg trials were a showcase, before much of the politics were involved. They were trials performed by the conquerors, subsequently there would be many trials convened by the Germans themselves. In Japan the philosophy was much more to assist the country in recognising, coming to terms with and moving on themselves.