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What tribe Lewis and clark meet?


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the shoshone which Sacajawea was originally from

After what Indian tribe did lewis and Clark name their fort

Lewis&Clark met while in the army.

the reaserch shows she was in the Shoshone Tribe

The Shoshone tribe gave Lewis and Clark the horses. They wouldn't have gotten them if it hadn't been for Sacagawea. She happened to be a sister to the Shoshone tribe leader and they recognized each other and Lewis and Clark we able to get their horses.

The Shoshone tribe was a peaceful tibe encountered by lewis and clark in august 1805... they lived in teepees and traded hoarses for other supplies with lewis and clark... also sacagawea was in this tribe

because lewis and clark took Sagagawea on part of their journey. when they found the shoshone tribe Sagagawea relised the ledder of the shoshone tribe was her brother. the shoshone tribe gave them anything because Sagagwea was captered by a nouther tribe and now lewis and clark took her under their wing and returned her to her original tribe. :)

Lewis and clark used Sacagawea as a sex slave. This has been erased from the history books to protect Lews and Clarks reputations. The Blackfoot Tribe claims that Lewis and Clark are responsible for the cultural genoside and rape of their tribe.

Lewis and Clark hired Sacagawea on November 4th, 1804. She and Toussaint Charbonneau were hired for them as translators.

Yes Lewis and Clark met many Native Americans on their journey. The Lewis and Clark Expedition began in 1804 and ended in 1806.

yes,yes they did of course they did because Sacajawea was apart of that tribe

the explorers spent their first winter with the Mandan tribe.

The Teton Sioux and the Shoshone

She met Lewis and Clark by accident

she was on the Lewis and clark expedition and was a mother and the greatest woman in her tribe

a shoshone Indian who was stoolen from her tribe and went on an expedition with Lewis and clark

the Teton Sioux almost ended the expedition of Lewis and Clark.

No tribe travel with them. they did however have an shoshoni woman traveling with them, whom they met while visiting with the hidatsa tribe.

They met Sacagawea, and she helped them by translating.

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