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england and France

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Q: What two European countries divided up the middle east following World War 1?
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At the end of World War 1 How was Africa and the Middle East divided among other countries?

Africa was divided up by the European colonial powers, with little concern for ethnic divisions or African tribal traditions.

What two countries divided the middle east into countries after world war1?

Britain and France

Which two countries divided the middle east into countries after World War 1?

Britain and France

What did the Middle Ages do?

It was the time when many European countries were forged such as England and France.

Is the European Union in the Middle East?

Cypus is the only European Union member in the Middle East. All other European Union countries (as could be guessed) are in Europe. Turkey is a Middle Eastern country that has tried to accede to the European Union, but has not had its accession accepted. To read more about that read the Related Question. The European Union is very active politically in the Middle East, often serving as a bloc to negotiate against different Middle Eastern countries and therefore make negotiations more favorable in the Middle East.

What European nation did not unify under a central authority in the Middle Ages?

Italy was the European nation that did not unify until later. It was divided into many states.

List four European countries during the Middle Ages?

france england portugal and scottland

Which European countries established strong centralized monarchies during the late middle ages?


Which of the following explains why the US and European countries began playing a more active role in Middle Eastern politics in the early 20th century?

Answer this question… Western businesses found large oil reserves throughout the Middle East.

Who would be a member of the European middle class following the Industrial revolution?

A doctor who works in a small clinic.

Are women in key managerial positions in the Middle East?

Yes, of course, as in European and other countries in the world.

What European countries fought against the Crusades?

Europe WAS the Crusaders and they fought in the Middle East to take Jerusalem.