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the Cowboys and the Lions.

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Q: What two NFL football teams play every year on Thanksgiving?
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What national football teams play on Thanksgiving day?

The Detroit Lions and Dallas Cowboys both host home games every Thanksgiving. Their opponents are different from year to year. A third game is played on Thanksgiving, but the teams are not always the same.

What two football teams play each Thanksgiving?

Dallas Cowboys and Detroit Lions.

What NFL teams play every Thanksgiving?

The Cowboys and the Lions host one game each on Thanksgiving. There is a 3rd game that has no fixed teams.

What sport is watched during Thanksgiving?

Football, The Packers Play The Lions Every Year On Thanksgiving

Is there any Thanksgiving games to play on Thanksgiving?

play football

What two football teams are playing on Thanksgiving 2010?

Detroit Lions And The New England Patriots Will Play At Ford Field In Detroit MI, Thanksgiving 2010

Do football teams change there site every season?

No they play on their own grounds.

What is are NFL football teams?

They are football teams that play for the National Football Leage

Do the Detroit Lions play football in Thanksgiving every season?

Yes. Detroit's holiday tradition began in 1933.

When did the Cowboys and the Lions begin hosting the Thanksgiving football game?

The tradition started in 1970. Thanksgiving Football games have be be going on way before that, but it was random which teams played. The tradition that the Lions and Coyboys ALWAYS play on Thanksgiving was started in 1970. In 2006, another random game was added. No certain team has to play in that game.

What NFL teams play on thanksgiving day?

did the nfl network ever host a game on Thanksgiving

Do all 50 states play football?

Yes, there are multiple college and high school football teams in every U.S. state.

How many teams play in the Football Confederations Cup?

There are many teams who play in the Football Confederations Cup. In the year 2012, there were 16 different football teams that competed in the competition.

What are the names of NC football teams?

There are many NC football teams but only a few stands out from the crowd. The few teams include NC central Eagles football, and Shaw Bears football. These two teams play phenomenally for almost every single match and completely obliterates the other team.

What NFL teams play on thanksgiving day 2008?

did the nfl network ever host a game on thanksgiving

How many teams play in the football playoffs?

the 16 best teams. they play in the playoffs.

What game do people play on thanksgiving?

Most people don’t play a game on Thanksgiving. They watch football, nap, and eat.

What to teams play football game each year on thankgiving?

what two teams play football game each year on thankgining

How many teams play for football?

There are 32 NFL teams as of 2007

Do football teams have a kick off every quarter?

no, only at the start of each half of play and after any score.

Do the Dalllas Cowboys play in Thanksgiving every season?

Yes, the Dallas Cowboys and Detroit Lions play on Thursday in Thanksgiving every year.

What football teams play 2 5 3 formation?

The two teams on a table football table!

First 2 teams to play football on Thanksgiving day?

The first NFL game on Thanksgiving is Tennessee Titans vs the Detroit Lions at Ford Field. The kickoff is scheduled for 12:30 eastern standard time.

Does dallas play at home on thanksgiving every year?

They do play against the a team but not always the Detroit Lions. They both play the same day every year because it is traditional, says the National Football League (NFL).

What NFL teams always play on Thanksgiving?

The Detroit Lions and the Dallas Cowboys always play games on Thanksgiving Day with no fixed opponents. Since 2006, a third game has been played on the holiday. Football on Thanksgiving is a long held American tradition, dating back to 1876 when Yale played Princeton.