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What two Pokemon leave at the day-care to get Charmander in saphie version?

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Put a Charmander with a Ditto in the day care center. I don't have Sapphire, so I'm just telling you what to do in Pearl.

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How do you git celebi and oh-ho in Pokemon dimend?

there is two ways to get them. 1. you can transfer them from Pokemon emerald,Sapphire,rubyfire red or leaf green. 2. you can go to the wi-fi house located in jublife city and see if someone is offering them but you have to have them on the pokedex to get them( you don't have to have them just have seen them.or you can just go get 2 dses then plug saphie in one then dimend/peal in other then transfer them in pal park

What actors and actresses appeared in The Awakened - 2012?

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Were to find a Charmander in Pokemon peal?

As sone as you find the daycare they well give you a charmander and i relly hope ihelp you the daycare is in the ester cite

How do you get Charmander on Pokemon Diamond?

put a ditto and a charzard in the daycare

How do you get a Charmander egg in Pokemon pearl?

How have to catch a Charizard or a Charmeleon Then catch a Ditto, then take them to DayCare Center, then you will obtain a Baby Charmander.

Best starting Pokemon for red version?


How do you catch Charmander in Diomond Pearl?

Charmander is a fire type of Pokemon. It is not possible to catch one in the wild in Pokemon Diamond version.

Will the moves of a Pokemon change if it is in the daycare on Pokemon diamond version?


Is there more than one Charmander in Pokemon FireRed?

You can obtain more than one charmander if you can convince one of your friends to trade you a charmander. Alternatively you could put your charmander (or charmeleon or charizard) into the daycare with a ditto to get charmander eggs. Pokemon eggs hatch as you bring them with you in your party and walk around enough.

At what level Charmander evovles into charsard on Pokemon fire red version?

charmander evolves into charizard at level 36.

What is the code for shiny Charmander on Pokemon TD?

381rm1n4 - Shiny Charmander - v.2.8 VERSION 2.8 ONLY

What version of Pokemon is best for obtaining Suicune and which Pokemon is best to start with?

bulbasaur, squirtle and charmander are all great to start with, but i find charmander the strongest. charmander is also the best for obtaining suicune

How can you clone your Pokemon on Pokemon plationum version?

find a ditto and put put that and your Pokemon in the daycare.

Where do find Charmander in Pokemon black version?

Lighten up, nerd!

Is there Charmander in Pokemon Sapphire version?

no but you can trade to firered and leafgreen for one

Where is the daycare located in Pokemon Ruby?

The daycare can be found in Mauville City. The same goes for the Emerald Version.

How do you get a female Charmander in leafgreen?

Get charmander as your starter Pokemon. Then when you reach the daycare on Island Four, you can drop off charmander (which probably has evolved by now) and a female Pokemon in the same egg group (or a ditto). Wait until the two have an egg and hatch it. I think that you have a fifty/fifty chance on getting a female charmander from the egg.

Where can you get Charmander in Pokemon Blue?

You can either get a charmander by choosing it as your first Pokemon or trading it into the game from another version, those are the only possibilities. In Pokemon yellow however you can get one at the cerulean pier.

Where is the daycare in Pokemon Black version?

It's located on Route 3.

Where do you find a Charmander on Pokemon silver version?

You'll need to trade for it from Pokemon Red, Blue, or Yellow.

Can you catch Charmander in crystal?

no it is impossible to catch a charmander in crystal version you can only get cyndaquil toadadile or chikerita for a starter Pokemon in crystal

Where can you find Charmander in Pokemon Red version?

Charmander is a starter Pokémon and can't be encountered in the game. However, you can trade with a friend to get one.

Starters in Pokemon Blue Game Boy game?

The starter pokemon for Pokemon Blue version are: Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle.

Where do you get a Charmander egg on firered?

You get a charmander egg if you put a charizard and ditto in the four island daycare.

How do you get a brave nature for Charmander?

Breed Charmander/Charmeleon/Charizard with a Ditto in the Daycare and hatch their eggs until you get a Charmander with the Brave nature.