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The combination of black and pink was quite popular.

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What are hobbits' favorite colors?

They liked bright colors. Yellow and green were two of their favorites.

What were Pablo Picasso's favorite colors?

he liked blue but there were other colors he liked too.

What determined dash colors on a 1957 Chevy?

Main body color, or in the case of two tones, the color of the hood.

What colors did the french soldiers wear and why?

blue because they liked it

What was Jose Clemente's Art Style?

he liked to paint with red colors

What are the favorite colors of the children at Sandy Hook Elementary School?

It depends on the student. The school colors are green and white. Most of the girls liked pink, a couple like purple too. Vicki Soto, a teacher, liked green. One of the boys liked purple too. They each had favorite things they liked too.

What colours did Vincent van Gogh like?

He liked dark colors until he saw a Chinese picture that had dark colors

What is Rosa park fav color?

she liked all colors but her favorite is blue.

What two colors are a magpie's feathers?

the two colors are black and white.=)

Basic coat colors of the horse?

There are only two basic horse colors - black and chestnut. All other colors are derived from these two colors.

What two colors make blonde?

what two colors that make blond color

Does Kevin Jonas prefer blondes or brunettes?

he siad he liked all colors on his you tube chat

What was Michael Jackson's favourite colors?

Red and Black Edit: He also liked Gold and Silver

What were Michael Jackson's 2 favourite colors?

Red and black, he also liked silver and gold.

What were all the Greek gods and goddess favorite colors?

They all liked red! Just like me!

What was lucille balls favorite color?

Lucille Ball liked many different favorite colors. Purple, aquamarine, mauve and brown were said to be her favorite colors.

If a caterpillar is TWO colors then what kind of caterpillar is it?

if it is two colors then it would be a two tone colored caterpillar.

What do you call colors which are made by mixing two of the primary colors?

Secondary colors

What are the two Colors of grapes?

The two colors of grapes are light-green and dark-purple.

The two colors of the Spanish flag are?

The two colors of Spain's flag are, yellow and red.

Why the Washington monument is two different colors?

bc his mom was two different colors

Which two colors do you mix to get mushroom?

Probably gray and brown.

What colors did the 1957 Bel Air come in?

the most used colors was a red body and a white roof. and baby blue body and white roof

What were the two terms eisenhower served?

1953-1957 & 1957-1961

What four colors look good together?

I personally, always liked nice, light colors. So, I would say light pink,yellow,orange, and red