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What two contries border Mongolia?

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China and Russia

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The two countries that border Mongolia?

China and Russia are the two countries that border Mongolia.

A country that does not border an ocean?

There are many contries that do not share a border with an Ocean, here are few examples Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic, Mongolia and Chad.

What two contries border Italy on the northwest?

France and Switzerland

What countries border Mongolia?

Mongolia borders two countries. They are Russia and China.

What two contries and one body of water border uruguay?


What two countries border Mongolia?

The two countries that border Mongolia are Russia on the north and China on the south, east and west.The two countries that border Mongolia are Russia on the north and China on the south, east and west.Mongolia is surrounded by 2 powerful countries they are Russia and china and also Mongolia and china share there a piece of landChina and Russia are the two countries that border Mongolia.Mongolia borders Russia and China. Mongolia's northern border is shsred with Russia. It's curved southern border is shared with China.Russia on the north and China on the south, east and west.

What two contries have land border with the United States?

Mexico and Canada, EH

What are two countries border Mongolia?

russhia and china

How many contries does Russia border?

The countries that share a common border with Russia are Norway, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan,Kazakhstan,Mongolia, China, North Korea.

What two contries are located on the southern border of Honduras?

It's El Salvador and Nicaragua.

What two countries border Asian country of Mongolia?

North was

What contries border transylvania?


What contries does Texas border?


What are the two large countries that border China to the north?

Mongolia and Kazakhstan

Name two countries that border china on the northeast?

Russia and Mongolia

What are two countries border Mongoila?

Mongolia is bordered by China and Russia.

What 3 countries border Mongolia?

There are two. Russia borders Mongolia to the north. China is located to the east, west and south.

What two countries border china int he north side?

Russia and Mongolia

What contries border Italy?

Its Rome, Apennines and Sardinia

What contries border Malawi?

Zambia, Tanzania and Mozambique

What contries border Costa Rica?

Nicaragua and Panama.

What boundary does Mongolia have?

Mongolia share a border with China and Russia.

What country is closest to Mongolia?

Mongolia borders both Russia and China. The Mongolia-Russia border is larger than the Chinese border by about 700 miles.

Listing countries that have no sea-border.?

Mongolia has no sea border

Is Gobi northeast of Mongolia?

No, the Gobi Desert is on the southern border of Mongolia.