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Q: What two countries formed an alliance that would lead to World War 1?
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What were the three main countries that belonged to the alliance known as the Axis in World War 2?

It would be Germany, Italy, and Japan

What 3 countries are part of the triple entente?

At the beginning of World War I, the following three countries were members of the Triple Entente (or, Triple Alliance): Great Britain, France, Imperial Russia. Many other countries would join this alliance by the war's end.

Why did 32 countries get involved with World War 1?

Each country had a secret alliance with maybe four or five other countries. so if one country declared war on another their allied countries would have to declare war as well.

What if your company has just formed a strategic alliance with a company from another part of the world. The team must make many decisions about the alliance right away. What would you do as a team le?

The team must make many decisions about the alliance right away. What would you do as a team leader to ensure that the decision-making process in the transition team quickly becomes as effective as possible.

Why would the 1891 strike by the colored farmers alliance have been unpopular with the southern alliance?

Colored Farmers' National Alliance formed in 1880s in US when black &white farmers faced difficulty due to rising price of farming. The Southern Alliance would not have liked them striking because they were colored.

Why would an alliance between Russia and France be a problem for Germany?

Because The Germans would Be surrounded between the 2 countries and have to fight both countries it war broke out

If you had been a native American living in the northeast during the French and Indian war would you have formed a military alliance?


What was the poupres of post world war 2 alliances?

The purpose of post world ward 2 alliances were formed to maintain peace, provide assistance to to war torn nations and to promote peace in the future and prevent any more world wars. __ Another reason for the post war alliances was to check Stalin and the Soviet Union. A strong alliance would prevent further Soviet takeovers of European countries.

What agreement did Russia have in world war 1 with France and England and how it would help them if a war broke out?

They all signed the Triple Entente (Triple Alliance) which basically said that if one of the countries was attacked, the other two would help it out.

What was the alliance formed against NATO?

That would be the Warsaw Pact, also referred to as the Eastern Block of nations. It was formed a few years after NATO.Warsaw pactWarsaw Pact created by the Soviet Union

Which organization did world powers create immediately after world war ii?

If you mean organization like a group to help countries work things out... then that would be the United Nations.

Is Sudan a third world country?

Yes, Sierra Leone is a third world country. Jawaharlal Nehru created the system of first, second, and third world countries and organized them in this manner: First world countries included Western, developed countries. Second world countries included the allies of the Soviet Union. Third world countries were neutral. The problem with this organization was that developed countries could be classified as second or third world based on their political alliance, not on their development level, and vice versa. The more correct answer would be to call Sierra Leone a less economically developed country. This emphasizes a known standard and also serves as an euphemism.