What two countries have the largest unguarded border?

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United States and Canada
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What two countries border Mongolia?

The two countries that border Mongolia are Russia on the north andChina on the south, east and west. The two countries that border Mongolia are Russia on the north andChina on the south, east and west. Mongolia is surrounded by 2 powerful countries they are Russia and china and also Mongolia and chi ( Full Answer )

What two countries border magnolia?

Magnolia is not a country. Magnolia is a flower that belongs to thePlantae kingdom. The magnolia flower has been around for 20 millionyears.

Where is the longest border between two countries?

The longest land border between two countries is between Canada and the USA at 8891km. The border between the Russian Federation and The Republic of Kazakhstan is 6846km.

What two countries border the Gulf of Alaska?

The countries are u.s. and Canada. The winter archipelago island chain located to the West of the"Gulf of Alaska" are called the, "Aleutian Islands." The mild,rainy, and damp archipelago located east of the Gulf of Alaska arecalled to and/or kown as the, "Inside Passge of Alaska" which iswhere you c ( Full Answer )

Which two countries border China?

More than two countries border China. If you only want to know two, I would say Nepal and North Korea. There's a lot more than two countries that border china, just look at a map

Which country does France share the largest border with?

the longest land border shared by mainland France is the Spanish border (623 km), just before the border with Belgium (620 km). The oversea department of French Guiana has a land border of 763 km with Brazil.

With which countries does Germany share the largest border?

The longest border is the one with Austria it is 506.4 miles long. (815 kilometers) Answer : Germany shares a border with Austria, Denmark, the Czech Republic, Poland, France, Swizterland, Luxembourg, Beligium and the Netherlands: Nine. The largest, as noted above is with Austria.

What two countries border Tunisia?

The countries that border Tunisia are Algeria and Libya. Thenorthern border of Tunisia is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea.

What two countries border Africa?

None really because 99% of it is surrounded by water. But technically speaking if you look at - http://maps.Google.com - Egypt extends over the red sea and Israel and Jordan border Africa!

What two countries border india?

China is one of the countries that borders India. Also, anothercountry that borders India is called Pakistan. However, Pakistanand China do not necessarily get along.

What two countries border Nepal?

The northern border of Nepal is shared with China; the southern border of Nepal is shared with India.

What are the two largest countries in Africa?

The two largest countries in Africa by population are Nigeria and Ethiopia. By area, the two largest are Algeria and the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Which is the second largest border between two countries in the world?

Either Kazakhstan/Russia or Chile/Argentina... No one has ever took the time to measure...probaly because nobody wants to go to Chile, Argentina, Russia or Kazakhstan....nah, Just kidding those Kazakhstinians are cool. Editor update it looks like sombody did measure....http://www.deshead.com/in ( Full Answer )

What countries border two continents?

No country borders two continents. A country can span two continents, however, it wouldn't be considered bordering both continents, as it is a part of both. Transcontinental continents include Spain, France, Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Turkey, Egypt, and the United States.

Which two countries border egypt?

Actually, Egypt is bordered by 3 countries, Libya, North Sudan, and Israel. Or 4, if you count Palestine as an independent state.

What two countries border the US?

The United States of America has two international landborders; one with Canada to the north ( US-CanadianBorder ) and another with Mexico to the south( US-Mexico Border ). Also the US Federal government considers that an "invisiblenon-land" border exists between the United States and (1) Rus ( Full Answer )

Niagara falls borders what two countries?

It is incorrect to say that Niagara Falls "borders" any countries. The falls at Niagara are not a separate political entity. As such, the falls are not capable of having a border. Neither, for that matter, are the falls themselves the border between Canada and the US. The International Boundary b ( Full Answer )

What two countries border Norway?

The majority of the country shares a border to the east with Sweden ; its northernmost region is bordered by Finland to the south and Russia to the east. Source: Wikipedia

What two countries does Spain border?

In addition to France & Portugal, Spain has borders with Andorra, The United Kingdom (at Gibralter), and Morrocco through the Spanish autonomous cities of Ceuta and Melilla.

What are the two countries bordering the Dead Sea?

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Which two countries is Mount Blane on the border of?

Mount Blane is a mountain in western British Columbia, Canada, located east of Kitlope Lake and southeast of the head of Whidbey Reach. It lies in the Kitlope Range, a subrange of the Kitimat Ranges which in turn form part of the Coast Mountains.

Which country shares the largest border with France?

The longest land border shared by mainland France is the Spanish border (623 km), just before the border with Belgium (620 km). The oversea department of French Guiana has a land border of 763 km with Brazil.

What two countries border with the great lake?

Canada and the United States are the only two countries to border the five Great Lakes. They are situated on the border between the two nations, though some are further in one country than the other.

What are two countries bordering Somalia?

It is bordered by Djibouti to the northwest, Kenya to the southwest, the Gulf of Aden with Yemen to the north, the Indian Ocean to the east, and Ethiopia to the west.

Which two countries does the Danube border?

The Danube runs through Germany, Austria, Hungary and Serbia. It borders Part of Serbia and Croatia, Hungary and Slovakia, and Romania and Bulgaria.

What two countries border Spain?

Portugal and France, as well as Andorra which is nestled betweenFrance and Spain. Spain also has two autonomous cities in NorthAfrica called Ceuta and Melilla. They border on Morocco. TheBritish territory of Gibraltar, on the tip of the Iberianpeninsula, also borders Spain.