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United States and Canada

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Q: What two countries have the largest unguarded border?
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What two countries share the largest unguarded boundary in the world?

US and Canada

Which is the largest border between two countries in the world?

between Canada and USA...

What two countries border Greenland?

Greenland is the world's largest island; no neighbors.

What two countries in North America have the longest unguarded borders?

Canada and the U.S

What two countries border Andorra?

The two countries that border Andorra are Spain and France.

The two countries that border Mongolia?

China and Russia are the two countries that border Mongolia.

The second largest lake in the world is lake superiorwhat two countries border on this lake?

The usa and Canada

What two countries border Panama?

AnswerThe two countries border panama are Costa Ricaand Colombia .

What two countries border Somalia to the west?

The two countries that border Somalia are Ethiopia and Kenya.

What two large countries border Nepal?

China and India are the two large countries that border Nepal.

What are the two counties that border the us?

Do you mean countries? If you do, the two countries that border the U.S. are Canada and Mexico.

What are the two countries to have a land border with America?

Canada and Mexico are the two countries that border the United States.

What two countries border iraq to the south?

The two countries on Iraq's southern border are Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.

What two countries share the largest mountain in the world?

Mt. Everest is the highest mountain in the world and is located on the Nepal-China border.

Name two countries that border India?

Name Two Counties That Border India

What two countries directly border the US?

The two countries that border the US is Canda (to the north of the US), and Mexico (to the south of the US).

What two Hispanic countries share a border with Spain?

Portugal and Andorra are the two countries on the Iberian Peninsula that share a border with Spain.

Which two South American countries do not border an ocean?

Bolivia and Paraguay are the only two countries in South America that do not border on an ocean.

What are two countries divided by?

Two countries are divided by a border.The border can be a natural feature such as a river or mountain range.A border can also be a simple line drawn on a map.

What two countries border Tunisia?

The countries that border Tunisia are Algeria and Libya. The northern border of Tunisia is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea.

Which three countries border Swaziland?

There is only two countries that border Swaziland; South Africa, and Mozambique

What the 2 large countries that border china two the north?

what are the 2 countries that border china to the north

What two countries do not border Brazil.?

The South American countries of Chile and Ecuador do nor border Brazil.

What countries border Libya and the Sudan?

The two countries that border both Libya and Sudan are EGYPT and CHAD.

Two countries that border India?

China and Pakistan border India. :)