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In WW2, it was Great Britain and France.

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What were the 1st 2 countries to declare war on Germany?

The dislike of Germany from multiple countries began after their invasion of Poland. During WWII, the first two countries to declare war on Germany were Great Britain and France.

What were the first two countries to declare war on Germany in World War 2?

England and France declared war on Germany after Germany, (and Russia), invaded Poland.

Who were the first countries to declare war on Germany?

If you mean during World War II. Britain and France on 3rd September 1939 in response to Germany's invasion of Poland two days earlier.

What were the first 2 countries to go into World War 2?

The first two countries to go into WW2 were Nazi Germany and Poland prior to the invasion of Poland by Nazi Germany.

What countries were originally involved in world war 2?

The First two were Germany and Poland

Which two countrys were the first to declare war on Germany in world war 2?

As dictated by a promise made, France and Britain immediately declared war on Germany after the invasion of Poland.

What 2 countries were allies?

what two countries battked Germany againnst Germany in the battle of Dunkirk

Is Germany in Belgium?

No. Germany and Belgium are two separate countries.

Which two new countries were born in 1870 from World War 1?

in the 1870s Italy and Germany beacme united countries for the first time.

What caused Adolf Hitler to believe that England and France would not declare war against Germany in 1939?

He thought they would never do it. This was because he thought that these two countries would be afraid, broke, and uncertain in knowing Germany's reaction to the countries attacking it. In the end, Germany fell to England and France.

Is France in Germany or near Germany?

France and Germany are two different countries in Europe. France and Germany are near eachother, but both are pretty big countries.

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