What two devices for processing?

Updated: 10/3/2023
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there is only 1 processing device the CPU.......

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the processing devices are CPU, CD-ROM, and Memory Card

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Its simple. The motherboard is one.

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Q: What two devices for processing?
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What is the definition of processing devices?

Processing devices are those devices which are used for processing the computer system. For example:mother board, video card,sound card etc.

What are the processing devices?


What are the processing devices of the computer?

CPU-Central Processing Unit

Do Output devices contain the electronic circuits which cause processing to occur?

No. The processing occurs in the Central Processing Unit. Output devices only present the results of the processing after it has been carried out.

Where are processing devices found?

in a computer

Make information resulting from processing available for use?

Output devices.

Is video card an processing devices?


What is the processing device that comes with the computer?

Generally its to CPU (Computer Processing Unit). In more modern computers there is also the the GPU (Graphics Proceassing Unit) that helps handling graphics. If you were looking for specific processing devices, the two most popular CPUs are Intel's and AMD's



What is the main processing device for a computer called?

Central Processing Unit = CPU Northbridge and Southbridge = Chipset Are the two main processing devices on your motherboard. Graphic Processing Unit = GPU Is the main "Graphical" processing unit within a computer.

What are the three types of devices used in calculating and processing data?

Mother board , Ram and CPU are the 3 processing hardware devices of the computer. CPU is the main thing in all the three.

What does computer process contain?

in the cpu, or central processing unit