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Q: What two elements react to make potassium sulfate?
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What elements make up potassium sulfate?

With the formula K2SO4, potassium sulfate contains the elements potassium, sulfur, and oxygen.

Can you make potassium hydroxide by mixing potassium sulfate and calcium hydroxide?

Yes, the potassium and the hydrogen will bond together, leaving the sulfate and calcium.

What elements make potassium nitride?

Potassium and nitrogen

What are the elements that make up potassium?

Potassium is an element by itself.

How could a small sample of potassium sulfate be prepared?

A small sample of potassium sulfate could be prepared by (carefully) mixing a small amount of sulfuric acid with a small amount of potassium hydroxide and then evaporating the water off to leave the potassium sulfate. The two reactants should be measured carefully so that complete neutralization occurs without any remaing reactants, but this is a relatively easy way to make up the required compound. The acid and base react to form the salt and water in the classic manner.

How do you make potassium polysulfide?

reduction od potassium sulfate by reducing agents such as hydrogen and carbon monoxide at high temperature.

What elements make up the compound potassium iodine?

Potassium and Iodine

What salt is created when you mix sulfuric acid potassium hydroxide?

H2SO4 + 2NaOH --> HOH + 2Na+ + SO4--Sulfuric acid and lye react to produce water and sodium and sulfate ions plus heat.Added:It will very vigorously and exothermically react with sulfuric acid. Never try this!!Be very very very careful, it even is very very dangerous to try to stop this with water: it immediately boils off (explosively), and at contact your skin is irreparably burnt to black within seconds.

Copper sulfate and sodium carbonate physical or chemical change?

it is a chemical change Sodium carbonate + Copper sulfate react to make Sodium sulfate + Copper carbonate

What elements make potassium sulphide?

Potassium sulphide (or sulfide to use the modern spelling) is made of potassium and sulfur. The -ide ending tells you that there are only two elements there.

What elements make up K2Cr2O7?

Potassium dichromate contain potassium, chromium and oxygen.

What are the elements that make up KBr?

The two elements that are in KBr are Potassium and Bromine.