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Q: What two features do otters have to survive well in water?
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Do otters live in water?

Otters are air-breathing mammals and spend much of their time in the water. In a sense, I guess they do live in water, but in the same sense, they live on land as well.

How did sea otters get their name?

Well, they are otter's and they live in the sea or water.

Can Mangroves survive in fresh water?

yes, they can survive in fresh water as well as saline water

How do exteranal features help organisms to survive?

external body features help organisms survive by providing protection from other animals, and for a sort of armor material, as well as a possible mating insignia

How do clams survive in Salt Water?

well you see... clams survive by filter feeding.

What are two mammals that can swim under water?

Otters and polar bears are two mammals that swim extremely well underwater.

Do beetles drink water?

Yes, beetles do drink water and need it to survive. Most insects depend on water as well as food sources in order to survive.

What animals can survive in lack of water and how?

Well, no animal can survive without water, but camels can go awhile without water. That's why they are mainly used in the desert.

How would crops survive the drought?

well technically they can't survive without water but CSIRO is developing a liquid that will survive in a drought

How many children can otters have?

well otters are very horny creatures and will make love to each other when ever they can. so otters can have any where from 52 to 690 little otters a year. and they do it in the butt also. yes otters are gay also

Are otters gay?

Homosexuality has been observed in many species and undoubtedly exists in otters as well, although most otters, like most people, are heterosexual.

How do zoos look after otters?

Otters do extremely well in captivity. Zoos look after otters by giving them food and keeping them safe from their natural predators. In captivity, otters can live between 20 and 25 years.