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Infra-red is the clasic example (the green house effect).

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2012-07-10 17:53:48
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Q: What two kinds of EM waves will NOT pass through glass?
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What process do light waves pass through window glass?


Why are things transparent?

Because the light waves travel through its molecules. Alternative answer: Light waves have a dual nature; one electromagnetic and another a photonic wave. These waves travel through air, hitting all kinds of objects. Some of these objects are transparent (glass), which allow the light waves to pass only in the form of photonic wave. After the light wave pass through the object (glass), it obtains back its dual nature.

Through what materials do infrared waves pass?

glass,water,air,photographic films,

Can electromagnetic waves travel through matter through a vacuum?

Electromagnetic waves such as light can pass through material medium such as water, glass etc and at the same time it could pass through vacuum ie a medium of free space.

Why can you hear through a wall but not see through it?

Sound is a form of vibration that can pass through the air and some solid objects (like a wall). We see by light waves which can't pass through most solid objects (like a wall). A wall can be made of a substance through which light waves can pass (transparent or translucent), such as a glass wall. Walls in many public buildings are made of glass.

Shear waves will not pass through the?

Shear waves will not pass through the molten outer core of the Earth.

Does glass allow microwaves to pass through them?

Yes, microwaves will pass through plain glass.

Can magnetism pass through glass?

Yes, it can pass through glass and mirror and other things made up of glass.

Do secondary waves travel through solids but not through liquids?

Secondary waves are transverse or shear waves which are able to pass through solids, but are not able to pass through liquids.

Can light and sound travel through a glass block?

Yes, both forms of waves can pass through ( you can hear sounds through a window and obviously you can see through a window).

What forms of electromagnetic energy can transmit through glass?

Some forms of electromagnetic radiation that can pass through glass are x-rays,gamma rays,ordinary light,microwaves,infrared and radio waves.

S waves cannot pass through?

S waves can only pass through solids. They cannot pass through liquids (e.g. water, molten rock).

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