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The question is kinda silly, as it's not only two parts needed to keep the air inside. But the two main parts are the tire and the rim strip.

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Q: What two parts keeps the air inside a tube-less tire?
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What is tubeless tire?

A tire that is designed to seal on a rim without a tube inside.

How do you repair a flat tire on a bike with the old tire?

If it is tubeless then patch the tire on the inside. If it has a tube patch the tube.

Will a tubeless tire get punctured?

A tubeless tire can get punctured but air will leak slowly.

Who made the first tubeless tire?

dounlop zamil he invented the first tubeless tire in the world

Do firefox cycles have tubeless tires?

i have a firefox viper . it have not a tubeless tire .

Is tubeless tires gives less mileage?

No, it depends on the quality of the tire, tubeless or not.

Can a tube be used inside a tubeless tire on a passenger car?

Usually, but not always, and it is rarely done. A tube would not conform to the inside arc of some types of tubeless tires, and on others might be overheated by friction and fail.

How do you blow up a tubeless tire?

a pump

What materials are used in manufacturing of radial ply tire and tubeless tire?

Radial ply tires and tubeless tires are made from rubber, fabric, and steel.

What is the tubeless tire used for?

Today most tires are tubeless. Tubes can be fitted if there are many holes or patches.

Can you use a tubeless tire on a spoke rim?

No. Spoke wheels are not designed for tubeless tires. Tube only.

can you use a tube in a tubeless ready bycicle tire?

Yes, you can use a tube in a tubeless-ready bicycle tire, although it may not provide the same benefits as a tubeless setup. A tubeless-ready tire is designed to run without an inner tube, creating a seal against the rim that holds the air in place. When used with a tube, the tire will function in much the same way as a traditional tire and tube setup, but it may not provide the same level of puncture protection or weight savings as a true tubeless setup. Additionally, some tubeless-ready tires may not be compatible with certain types of tubes, so it's important to check the manufacturer's specifications before using a tube in a tubeless-ready tire.