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comets and asteroids

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A rock from outer space?

Meteorites are lumps of matter from outer space. They fall into two main classes - metallic and stony. Chondrites are the stony meteorites.

What does friction between two objects produce?

Friction between two objects produces heat.

The area separating two objects?


What is another word for distance?

Another word for distance is How far. or space, as in the space between the two objects is unfathomable. as compared to the distance between the two objects is unfathomable.

What two factors combine to keep an objects in orbit around another object in space?

The force of gravity between the two objects, and the velocities of the objects.

What two objects in space is an astronomical unit defined form?

An astronomical unit is the average distance that separates two bodies in space. The two objects linked to an astronomical unit is the sun and the earth.

How is space defined according to physical science?

Space is the separation of objects. Two objects cannot occupy the same place at the same time. It is also what gives objects size and shape. It is how we measure objects.

What are meteoids made of?

Meteoroids are the tiny particles found in space. Meteorites are made of heavy metals two of them are iron and nickel.

What is The amount of space between two objects or places?

the amount of space between two points is distance ,your welcome

What is the smallest space between two objects before they touch?

actualy no two objects can physicly touch because the magnetic field between the objects caused by the atoms

On which two objects in space have American spacecrafts landed?

the moon and mars

Can two or more objects occupy the same space at the same time?


What does distance mean scientifically?

the extent of space between two objects or places, an intervening space thank you ^^

What are the two types of meteorites that hit earth?

Stony and iron meteorites hit earth.

When two objects rub together to produce friction what is also produced?


What is the force between two objects in space?

There is a mutual force of attraction due to gravitationbetween every two objects,regardless of where they are. They can be in space, in the closet, under water, in thesupermarket, or across the galaxy from each other.

Why is space important in driving?

Because no two objects can occupy the same space at the same time. (ie a crash)

How do you pick up objects or gold in Bleach Training Two?

space bar.

What two spheres are being pulled by the force of gravity?

EVERY two spheres are, no matter where they are, or how much or how little mass each one has, or what's in the space between them.

How many objects interact to produce an action reaction pair?

It only takes two.

What are the two types of meteorites?

Actually there are three types of meteorites:stonynickle ironcarbonaceous chondrites

Efficiency of packing of object of different shapes?

The efficiency of packing of objects relies on the shape of the objects. There are two factors to take into account: empty space between objects (which cannot be avoided due to the object shape) and empty space around the outside of the objects and the packing container.

Name two objects in space that are responsible for the creation of tides on Earth?

The Sun and the Moon.

What is the total distance of earth?

"Distance" is defined between TWO objects, or points in space.

Analytic Cubism is an attempt to?

represent three-dimensional objects in a two-dimensional space.