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What is the definition of modeling?

Modeling can be demonstrating clothing , or making a miniature model of something.

Which is better for modeling a company or a agent?

A modeling agency is the best type of representation for getting into the modeling industry.

How much do dogs get for dog modeling?

Depends on where they are modeling for. If they are modeling for a famous dog food brand or something it can be around $3000.

How to find modeling gigs?

The modeling industry can be difficult to enter into if one does not know where to begin, or what type of paid modeling jobs.

What type of job does data modeling?

One type of job that does data modeling involves web design and creating MySQL databases. To create a MySQL database one must have knowledge in data modeling.

How do you step into modeling industry?

If you want to get into the modeling industry, you might want to go to some type of modeling school. You'll also need a modeling portfolio which are pictures taken preferably by a professional photographer.

Is modeling a verb?

Actually, it's a verbal noun. The verb is "to model." Modeling is the noun form: Modeling is something she hopes to study at school, because she wants to be in the fashion industry.

What body type is good for modeling?

You have to be a size 2.

What makes up a persons personality?

attitude, your behavour towards something will determine what type of a person you are.

What type of modeling can a 5'7 guy do?

Unfortunately, there is no market demand for male models under 5'10" in the fashion and runway niche. There is no petite modeling for men, either. The only way to do any type of modeling is by submitting to agencies that represent male commercial/print models. This type of modeling is very open to height, age and size. Male models don't necessarily have to be tall like fashion models and can be used for a number of print modeling assignments.

Is there a difference in between extruded clay and modeling clay?

Why yes there is. An extruded clay is something pushed out by a machine and modeling clay is handled by man.

Are there any modeling schools online?

No there is not. Modeling is something that you cant learn online. You need to be taught how to walk, how to pose and how to do the other things models do.

How is modeling useful to scientists?

It creates a representation of something difficult to see.

The first step in modeling is to write this type of model?


The first step in modeling is to write what type of model?


A type of sculpture in which material such as clay is shaped or formed?


What graph would you use to determine something?

Any graph can be used to determine something!

What are the release dates for Something Else - 2004 Street Sign Modeling 5-4?

Something Else - 2004 Street Sign Modeling 5-4 was released on: USA: 30 September 2008

The experience of modeling, the background, what type of modeling you would like to do.?

There are many modeling jobs available in various forms of undress. You should take professional pictures and submit them to a local agency to help market you around.

What type modeling did Joan Bush do?

Joan does promotional modeling which can be seen at www.firstclassmodels.comShe is the gorgeous lady with dark hair, a big smile and doe eyes.

What college should you to for modeling?

There is no college for modeling. You do not have to attend college or receive a diploma, degree or other type of certificate in order to become a professional model.

Something that helps determine the chance that something will occur?

Probability is a field of mathematics that helps determine the likelihood of something happening.

What technology allowed Pauling and then Franklin to determine the helical shape of various biological molecules?

3 d modeling

What modeling jobs are available for a 13 year old in greensboro North Carolina?

The best way to get modeling jobs is to look for modeling agencies in your city and state that represent teen models. Visit their websites and see what the requirements are and what type of pictures to send in. Once you get a modeling contract signed then you will be able to find good modeling jobs in your area.

Why was modeling invented?

Modeling wasn't necessarily "invented", it just became something that occurred mainly because of the need to advertise products, clothing and other items to the masses.