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The Difference.Spring airsoft guns use springs and compressed air, and are a lot less powerful than gas airsoft. Gas airsoft guns use propane, (also found in grills), mixed with a little silicon. When you press the trigger, the slide (the thing that you cock) goes back, and then comes forward, firing the BB. Electric airsoft uses gears and stuff, very complicated and more prone to break (unless you get the $200 - $300 ones). For fast, cheap fun choose the spring, single shot, guns. If you want to compete and/or get serious, choose from the high-end electric powered and the Gas powered.

Gas Airsoft guns can also use CO2 canisters. Many people prefer the spring-loaded BB rifles for sniping because of their accuracy: they are simpler to use and more accurate in firing, but suffer one serious drawback.

The cannot be used in semi-automatic or automatic mode as gas and electric guns can be because the spring has to be re-tensioned after each shot . I.e. the gun has to be cocked just like a shotgun. You can never have a spring Airsoft machine gun, but spring BB guns are less expensive than other form sof power and good for beginners.

Many electric guns are also spring-loaded - the spring being re-tensioned electrically, and hence OK for automatic mode. Most prefer gas or electric for gaming - I prefer an electric semi/automatic Airsoft gun for gaming because spare batteries are less bulky in the field than spare gas canisters!

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well that depends what ur doing...

Hunting: some sort of rifel with high fps

Target Practic: aby gun with 250-400 fps

sport: any gun with 50-350 fps

looks: buy a gun u like with good detail then buy some gold paint and spray it. look on YouTube to find out how

this guy doesn't know any thing one you cant hunt with and airsoft gun 2 its stupid to play in a game with anything bellow 350 fps. the one thing you have to realize is any thing plastic or under 220 bucks is going to have somthing wrong with it. also don't order buy from a store if you live in Ohio go to airsoft smith they got great guns. another thing don't by echo1 buy classic army and kwa but i'd go for classic army. i have a 400 dollar gun that's a scar with a scope and a mp5 that's 280 bucks with silencer and scope they both average out to be aroun 390 to 410 fps there great i have had the mp5 for 2 years now and works great its well worth the money. i play with pros like swat and army im 13 and i love it. doent buy from target wallmart or dicks sporting goods

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It is a matter of opinion. With the Co2 gas air soft pistols you have to buy some Co2 gas designed to fit into the slot to fill the tank inside the gun. With the electric airsoft pistols the battery comes with the gun but you have to charge it back up which can take a few hours to fully charge.

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Unless you want to waste tons of money on a gas assault rifle, buy electric.

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Q: What type of airsoft gun should you get?
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