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that they are a type off a sail OK

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Q: What type of animal is snail and what is it's respiratory organ?
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What type of respiratory organ do mollusks have?

the type of respiratory organ mollusks have is GILLS.

What type of animal is the paua?

its a type of sea snail :)

What is a respiratory organ of amoeba?

Type your answer here... the respiratory organ of amoeba is lungs

What type of animal is slippery?


What type of organ is in the respiratory system?

Your lungs, the diaphragm, alveoli, bronchi, and capillaries are all in the respiratory system

What type of animal is a pond snail?

A freshwater snail is actually a type of freshwater mollusc (like clams and mussels that live in fresh water).

What type of animal lives in the sea attached to a shell?

sea snail

What is the respiratory organ of leech?

a open type it is also a cold blooded animal it system is 5 chambered nd help it to circulation in blood.

The heart and lungs are in what system?

Heart: Circulatory system. Lungs: Respiratory system.

How many type of respiratory pigment present in animal?

most animals have only two

What type of fossil is an ancient animals home?

When an ancient animal for example Tortoise or snail die in its shell....years later another tortoise or snail can fit itself in the fossil shell.

What animal is the escargot?

Escargot is a type of food made from cooked land snails Literally, Escargot is the French word for snail.