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What type of animals live in the deep ocean?

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A squid is a type of animal that lives there.

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thats where your mom came from.

whales(humpback whales),dolphins,pengiuns,seals they all live in tha Atlantic ocean and fish .

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Depends entirely on the type of fish. Some live their lives at a particular depth. Some use the ocean like an elevator - you might find them at 20 feet or 600 feet. Some are deep ocean oriented, and live in the eternal darkness of the deep.

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There are several thousand different animals in the ocean that can harm you. I don't have weeks to type that out for you.

Seas snakes and sea turtles live in the ocean.

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The answer to this question is, the three major groups of animals are the worms,fish,and corals they are the main type of animal except for the coral. the coral is something that is presented in the ocean that some fish live and hide inside and they are the main type of fish habitat in the ocean.

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Bonito are a type of fish that live in the ocean.

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Mostly bottle nose dolphins live in the Atlantic ocean.

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They are a type of fish that live in the ocean.

Being the largest ocean, hold many types of species. The are Elephant seals, all types of fish, sharkes, whales, octopuses and crocodiles.

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