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Barbary Apes

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Who are The Monkeys?

Monkeys are a type of primate, related to apes (including humans). The Monkees are a pop rock group, formed in 1966.

What type of environment do squids inhabit?

Squids inhabit deep sea waters.

Are people monkeys?

We have a common ancestor.We evolved from apes, that's why we are classified as apes today.Apes evolved from monkeys, that makes apes a type of monkey.Therefore humans are a type of monkey.We are also a type of verterbrate, simian, mammal, great ape etc etc etc Humans are NOT a type of monkey but are a type of ape. apes and monkeys are both primates and have a common but apes are not monkeys, apes didnt evolve from monkeys either but share a relatively recent common ancestor. humans are apes.

Which animal is found in Gibraltar?

The animal found in Gibraltar are a type of monkey which comes from SPAIN.

Two abiotic factors found in the coral reef ecosystem?

Substrate (rock) is necessary for the coral to form and grow on. Salinity will determine the type of fish that can inhabit the community

Which electrical plug in Gibraltar?

In Gibraltar they use the type-G three-pin plugs as used in the UK. The type-C two-pin as used in Europe is also found there.

Are apes like gorillas?

Gorillas are a type of ape.

Did you evolved from apes or chimps?

The human species evolved from apes. Chimpanzees are a type of monkey, and the major differences between monkeys and apes is that monkeys have tails and apes do not. For example, the gorilla is an ape and it does not have a tail. In the same way, humans do not have tails either.

What type of ecosystem do manatees live in?

Manatees inhabit a marine ecosystem.

Was the apes the first thing that made the humans appear?

no. humans used to be their own type of primate. We evolved into humans, but we never started as apes.

What type of ecosystem does a duck live in?

If you mean 'What type of biome do ducks live in' they inhabit the wetland biome.

What type of rock has layers?

This type of rock is a sedimentary rock

How many type apes in the world?

There are eight extant genera of apes, with a total of twenty-four species. These are divided into two main categories, Great Apes and Lesser Apes, each of which has four genera (seventeen Lesser Ape species, seven Great Ape species).

What type of rock does mount redoubt have?

this mt. has a rock type of rock

What type of animals are apes?

Apes are the closest relative to us human beings because we are all part of the primate family. people are getting thicker and thicker apes are the largest species of monkeys use common sense

What is the difference between a gorilla and an ape?

Gorillas are one type of ape. Other apes are chimpanzees, bonobos, orangutans, and humans. These are the Great apes. There are also lesser apes, called Gibbons. Ape is the category in which chimps, gorillas, are gibbons are in.

What type of animal live in trees?

Many birds, squirrels, monkeys, apes, sloths, and insects. There is no particular type.

How long does it take to sail from Gibraltar to tobago?

That all depends on the type of boat that you are using.

What type of rock can be changed into metamorphic rock?

Any type of rock can become metamorphic.

What type of monkeys are there?

there is puma,gorilla,spider monkey,and apes. Answered by:Skylar Olson

Are dogs smarter than apes?

It depends what type of dog it is and how old the ape and dog is

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