Atmospheric Sciences

What type of atmosphere does the earth have?

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What is meant by type atmosphere?

the atmosphere is the blanket of gases that surrounds earth

Its atmosphere is about 20 percent oxygen?

Type your answer here... C. The Earth

What type of scientist studies the atmosphere of planets called?

A meteorologist studies the atmosphere of the planet Earth. An exo-meteorologist studies the atmosphere of other planets.

What are the main gas in Earths atmosphere?

Type Of Gas Most In The Earth Is Methane.

In which type of rays is heat radiated back into the atmosphere by the earth?

infrared rays

Are the five layers of the atmosphere in earth or out of earth?

The atmosphere is above the earth.

Earths position in the atmosphere?

Earth isn't in the atmosphere - the atmosphere is part of Earth.

What is the atmosphere of the earth like?

There is not much atmosphere on earth

What part of earth is the atmosphere?

the atmosphere is the gases around the earth

Which is the least dense layer of the Earth?

The atmosphere.The atmosphere.The atmosphere.The atmosphere.

Does Earth have an atmosphere?

Yes, the earth does have an atmosphere. Part of it is the air you breathe.

Is Earth atmosphere abundant in gas?

The Earth atmosphere is formed from gases.

Why does the atmosphere of Earth move with the Earth as it orbits around the sun or why doesn't the Earth lose its atmosphere as it moves in space?

The atmosphere of the planet Earth is gravitationally attracted to the Earth. That is what holds it in place.

How does the composition of earth atmosphere differ from the composition of the atmosphere of the gas giants?

earth has people in it's atmosphere

What type of cycling movement of chemical elements through the earth living things and the atmosphere?


What holds the atmosphere to Earth?

Gravity hold the atmosphere to the Earth. But other factors do cause earth to loose some atmosphere to space continuously.

What is a sentence for atmosphere?

the atmosphere covers the earth like a blanket. the atmosphere surronds the earth with air. i enjoyed the restaurant because of its cozy atmosphere.

What causes gravitational pull?

The rotation of the earth. And our atmosphere. The rotation of the earth. And our atmosphere.

The atmosphere of earth is an example of?

The atmosphere of the Earth is an example of a gas-gas solution.

How important is the atmosphere to life on earth?

Without the atmosphere, there would be no life on earth.

What is the least common element in the atmosphere of the earth?

Nitrogen is the least abundant element in the atmosphere of the Earth. The most abundant element in the atmosphere of the Earth is oxygen.

What layer of gases surrounds the earth?

the atmosphereThe layer of gases that surrounds the earth is known as the atmosphere.The layer of gas surrounding the Earth is the Earth's atmosphere.

What is the distance from earth to the atmosphere?

The atmosphere touches the earth so the distance to it is "zero" The atmosphere extends up for about 100km.

What type of atmosphere is present when earth is formed?

The atmosphere of Earth has changed since its formation. When the Earth formed 4.6 billion years ago, it was a molten ball of rock with an atmosphere of hydrogen and helium. This atmosphere was blown away by the solar winds because there was no magnetic field to protect the Earth. After the Earth cooled, volcanoes released gases such as water vapour, ammonia and carbon dioxide. The ammonia was broken down into nitrogen and hydrogen by sunlight. Eventually, the evolution of cyanobacteria released oxygen into the atmosphere, which began to have a similar composition to the modern atmosphere.

Which type of cycling refers to the movement of chemical elements through the earth water atmosphere and living things?

Geochemical cycling refers to the movement of chemical elements through the earth, water, atmosphere, and living things.

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