What type of behavior is a leader displaying when he holds an unfavorable opinion or feeling formed beforehand without knowledge?

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This leader is displaying prejudice & prejudicial behavior.
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Can you insure your spouse without their knowledge?

\n. In my experience, the answer is No. At least in Canada, the insured needs to be subjected to a blood test and a bunch of screening questions. \n. Even if you aren't to be listed as the beneficiary, it is still required that the spouse go through the proper health screening process. \n. \n. ( Full Answer )

Can you be hypnotized without your knowledge?

I do not believe that is possible. My answer is: No. No and yes. Formal hypnotization usually requires the consent & cooperation of the subject. Because, however, hypnosis is a naturally occurring state entered into by most people on a fairly regular basis (eg when absorbed in a film or book, ( Full Answer )

''what are the benefits of displaying accountability behavior''?

Answer . If you have never learned to be accountable for your actions then you're going to have a rough time out in this old world. Everyone makes mistakes or they may something in anger. Perhaps they have stolen for the first time for reasons of their own, or they have purposely hurt someone t ( Full Answer )

Leader of Public Opinion?

These are authoritative figures in various professions and esteemedpeople in the society who have the ability to shape public opinion.A good example is Oprah Winfrey. She has used her high socialstanding to influence legislation, and if she endorses a product,it practically flies of the shelves.

Can you have knowledge without wisdom?

knowledge comes from studying what others have done before us. wisdom comes with age and experiencing ones own mistakes and faults. my answer is yes.. Knowledge is an archive of facts about reality that you have memorized, and hence, can assert whenever you want. It doesn't not amount to true under ( Full Answer )

What is opinion leader?

Purchases products before other consumers, and then quickly pass on their impressions of the products

How are opinions formed?

Opinions Are Formed Between Two People. One Person Has Their Point Of View And The Other Person Has Their Point Of View. Both Of Them Have Different Points Of Views Meaning They Don't Agree With One Anothers Point Of View.

Is knowledge possible without language?

This is a complex philosophical question. Some might argue that the knowledge process is developed through the language. However others might say that knowledge about real stuff, i.e. a tree on your lawn, is possible without language. Also, learning language is a knowledge process.

Are opinion surveys such as Knowledge Panel legitimate?

Yes, knowledgenetworks.com have seals of: BBB accredited business, Trust-e site privacy statement, and they are a member of the Council of American Survey Research Organizations ("CASRO"), the professional trade association of survey research companies. Knowledge Networks adheres to the mandated CAS ( Full Answer )

Why she be holding her feeling in?

she should not be.... noone should \n. \n. holding your feelings in is a serious problem physcially and mentally. if we were supposed to hold feelings in, then why should we feel?

How do chameleons display courtship behavior?

Courtship behaviour - the male will start to twitch his head, go through a rapid color change, and start heading towards the female. Now, one of two things can happen. The female can be receptive by showing light colours and she can let the male mount her and allow copulation to take place, or she c ( Full Answer )

How do you express your opinion of a loved one without hurting their feelings?

You decide how you want to express it because your the only one hoo can make it feel comfy for yourself. Just remember tho that you can't change them, they can't change you and if you make them change, it doesn't make anything any better because then they aren't hoo they actually are and so are sad ( Full Answer )

Can you be hypnotised by music without your knowledge?

Yes, you can. Often you find yourself in a state of trance and hear and see nothing around you while you are in this trance. The deepness of the trance depends on the type of music. Sometimes in trances people wander around simotaneously without seeing. Like sleepwalking, that person does not see bu ( Full Answer )

How important are the opinions of experts in the search for knowledge?

An opinion is only as valid as the evidence it's based upon. It's safe to assume that experts have access to a significant amount of evidence and know quite a few of the facts of the matter they have an opinion on. However, wherever possible it's always better to analyze the evidence they base their ( Full Answer )

What are the characteristics of opinion leaders?

1. Opinion leaders have approximately the same social-class position as non leaders, although they may have higher social status within the class. This does not mean that personal influence does not flow across different class lines, but is likely to be infrequent and of a visual nature rather than ( Full Answer )

What do display cabinets hold on the inside?

These cabinets, which come in a vast array of sizes, can be designed to hold ... There are special display cases to hold trophies, flags, guns and even swords. ... also come with glass on all four sides or with a mirror on the inside. ...

What Opinion does Prof Hold about war?

It is hard to tell what opinion Prof holds about war. This is mainly due to the fact that there are no specifics given in this question. There are many professors wand they hold varied opinions about war.

What best describe opinion leaders?

Opinion leaders affect public opinion. By sharing their opinionwith the world, it makes other people think their ideas are alsocorrect.

What are the examples of unfavorable behavior?

An unfavorable behavior is the one not categorized as favorable in a community that they have certain rules and regulations for individuals how to react accordingly. Beliefs and habits as tradition can be considered another factors to categorize Behavior into favorable and unfavorable. Individual ( Full Answer )

What is a type of spam that collects data from a user without his knowledge?

Spyware is a software that collects information from the user without their knowledge. It also called spybot or tracking software if it is obtained from the internet. Many of these software get automatically installed into the computer as a virus software or as a result of downloading materials from ( Full Answer )

What opinions do people hold about the policy?

There are many opinions held by people and religions about thechina's one child policy. Some people think that this will help to slow down the rate ofchina's population increasing which will be beneficial in manyways. For eg, they say this will help the world resources last forlonger for future gen ( Full Answer )

Opinion leaders tend to?

Tend to make people believe that whatever they believe in is better and of great value.\n

Can a will be changed without the executor's knowledge?

Generally speaking, a testator can change his will at any timewithout anyone's knowledge. Only if the testator can beproven to have changed his will while no longer "of sound mind" orunder undue pressure, a Court may decide to invalidate the changedwill. An executor is a person charged with just t ( Full Answer )