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What kind of bond is h20?

H20 is a covalent bond!

Which bond does not form a molecule?

h20 does not form a bond

Is H20 a triple bond?


Is H20 a covalent or ionic bond?


What kind of bond does H20 have?

Polar covalent

Does H20 form a hydrogen bond?


Molecule is consumed when breaking a peptide bond?

If the peptide bond is hydrolyzed, then an H20 molecule is consumed.

Which has the strongest intermolecular force NH3 or H20?

hydrogen bond

What type of matter is H20?

H20, or water, is a polar covalent compound.

Is H20 an example of a binary ionic compound?

no, a polar covalent bond

How does a polar bond bond difffer from a non-polar bond?

A non polar bond is when equal electrons are shared. A polar bond is when unequal electrons are shared. For example water (H20) is a polar bond.

What type of bond is a hydrogen bond?

A hydrogen bond is an intermolecular force. They are the strongest between the three intermolecular forces. These molecules are very polar because they usually occur between VERY ELECTRONEGATIVE atoms such as nitrogen, oxygen and fluorine. eg's- H20, NH3, Hf

What type of molecule is H20?


What type of chemical reaction is this NH3 plus H2O NH3.H20?

Hydrolysis or Dissolution

Why NH3 and H20 can form coordinate covalent bond with H but CH4 cannot do so?

The reason why NH3 and H20 can form a coordinate covalent bond with H but CH4 cannot do so is because methane (CH4) only forms single bonds. Hydrogen (H) can form more than one bond.

H-O bond in H2O?

H20 has hydrogen bonds. These are the strongest type of intermolecular forces. Hydrogen bonds occur whenever hydrogen bonds with fluorine, oxygen, or nitrogen.

What type of bond is HI?

The type of bond in HI is an ionic bond.

Why do water conduct electricity?

Water conduct electricity because of the hydrogen bond that it undergoes. Hydrogen bond is a type of a bond that exist between either hydrogen and nitrogen, hydrogen and oxygen or hydrogen and florin. Example of such compounds are H20,NH3 and water is among, and because of the bond that enables it to conduct sure wit my answer

What type of reaction is MgO H20?


What type of bonding is in H20?

Polar covalent bonds

Electrons are shared in which type of bond?

Electrons are shared in a type of bond known as covalent. This type of bond is also considered a chemical bond.

What molecules contain the most polar covalent bond CO2 H20 O2 H2 CH4?


What type of reacton is show by this equation H2O-H2 O2?

H20 H2o2 is the chemical formala for Hydrogen peroxide. this is the simplest peroxide with an oxygen oxygen single bond. It is know to be a strong Oxidizer .

SiF4 bond type?

SiF4 has an Ionic Bond type.

What type of bond does Mercury form?

what type of bond does mercury have