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What kind of upgrade are you trying to do?, most upgrades are taken through the satellite stream. if your trying to change the fimware on the receiver then you would need a jtag and a serial cable, there are lots of websites that can give you the information you need and the schematics for building your own. Just Google jtag. Hope it helps.


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Q: What type of cable do you need to upgrade a satellite receiver which does not have a serial port and somehow needs to be done direct to its circuit board?
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Dish Network satellite receivers upgrade automatically, usually at night depending on your settings. You can encourage a software update by making sure the receiver is in "stand by" mode. If you have a Dish TV duo receiver, you must make sure both TV1 and TV2 are off. Wait a few minutes, if a software update is available you will see the message that your receiver is updating. If not, call Dish Network customer service.

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The dish on the outside of the house picks up the signal beamed down from the satellite in space. From the dish the signal is sent to the receiver. The receiver decodes the signal to provide the channels you subscribe to. If you aren't subscribing to a certain channel, a message will tell you so and that you can upgrade to the package with that channel.

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To download software on your QSAT receiver you start by transferring your file from your computer to your USB flash drive and connect it to your receiver. Then, press the menu button and navigate to upgrade on your receiver, press OK, and select USB/card upgrade.

Can a sling link be connected to a dish network 625 receiver?

No, you cannot use the sling adapter with a 625 Receiver. You will need to upgrade to a 722 Receiver. Call Dish Network they have some good existing customer promotions allowing you to upgrade to a 722 Dish Receiver.

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How do you open an stb file?

stb files are firmware files. They are used to upgrade most satellite receiver. There is a special program design with C++ which is called Loader. The "Loader" is used to open an stb file and upload it to the receiver. You can get the loader on fta forum. Google stb loader and you'll get it. Evado

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yes you can.

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U upgrade ur Strong SRT 4622X Conax by getting software from Strong Technologies web site.The website link is given here..

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Satellite Television?

form_title=Upgrade to Satellite Television form_header=Tired of receiving the same old channels? Upgrade to new satellite provider today. What packages are you interested in?= () Sports () News () Movies () Family () Adult () Other Would you like to order a DVR or HD programming?= () Yes () No How many televisions will need to be hooked up?= {(),1,2,3,4,5,6}

Once you subscribe to satellite services do you need a receiver for each TV to receive a satellite connection?

Yes, you do need a receiver for each tv that you want to watch satellite tv services on.Right now Dish Network TV dishnetwork-tv.synthasite.comis running a Free Installation special for up to Four Rooms. They are also offering a Free DVR-HD upgrade and packages starting at $9.99/month for 100 all-digital channels.I hope this answers your question and saves you money.

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Can you use a standard satellite receiver with HDTV dish?

Yes you can use a "standard" Dish receiver with your HDTV. You may want to check with Dish Network and consider upgrading your equipment to Dish HD Receivers -- Ask if you are eligible for a Dish upgrade (Dish in it up promotion). Also when you call Dish Network, ask about the HD free for life current promotion.