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HIV attacks cells associated with immune function, specifically CD4 T cells and macrophages.

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Q: What type of cells does HIV attack and destroy?
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Who does HIV attack and destroy in the body is it red blood cells or white blood cells?

white blood cells

What type of cells does the HIV virus destroy?

A type of white blood cells called T-lymphocytes or T-cells for short.

What part of the body does HIV first attack?

Specifically, HIV attacks T-Cells, a type of white blood cell

How does HIV affect cells?

it well attack your cells

Is HIV most likely to attack B cells?

if by B cells you mean blood cells , then yes its most likely that HIV will attack them.

What do viruses do to you?

Different Viruses do different things. They mainly infect a certain type of cells, destroy them and reproduce. Example: HIV infects white blood cells to destroy them and reproduce.

What types of cells does HIV destroy?

HIV infects only the CD4 cells of the immune system, and it destroys lymphocytes.

What body system does HIV destroy?

immunity.White blood cells

When does HIV destroy brain cells causing confusion and memory loss?

HIV does not attack brain cells. HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) attacks cells in the body that fight infection and are involved with immune function. Confusion and memory loss could result from medications that are taken to treat HIV, or possibly infections resulting from the weakened immune systems of those infected with HIV.

Does HIV attack blood cells called hemocytes?

The HIV virus replicates in T cells. Once the cell is full of replicated HIV it ruptures.

What type of cell does HIV attack?

help me

Does HIV attack epidermal cells?

HIV mainly attacks cells in the immune system. I'm not aware of a major impact on skin (epidermal) cells.

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