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Q: What type of cells does the mumps virus attack?
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What type of organism is mumps?

It is a virus.

What type of cell does a virus attack?

A virus may attack any cell in a tissue ( a group of cells that perform one function) and change its function to making more cells.

What type of pathogen causes chickenpox measles and mumps?

The smallest pathogen that causes infection such as chicken pox, measles and mumps is called a virus.

Why are RNA viruses so dangerous?

the reason that RNA is so dengerous is because RNA is basically just the segments of your DNA so if a virus hijacks a normal cell, an RNA strand can alter the entire code which can be EXTREEMLY dangerous if it is something like HIV/AIDS or mumps attack your cells it can be a catastrophe! what sucks even more is that you cant fight it with antibiotics. a virus can only be killed by

Is virus a type of cells?

No, it's a type of germ.

What is the first step an active virus follows when attacking a cell?

let the cells do what they were meant to do attack the virus if there is any type of swelling, puss, swelling, headache are normal and can be treated with the write medisun

What type of organism does the influenza virus attack?

respiratory system

What type of cells does the HIV virus destroy?

A type of white blood cells called T-lymphocytes or T-cells for short.

Do vaccines destroy beneficial bacteria?

No. Vaccines actually cause your body to produce antibodies to fight off a single type of bacteria or virus. If you get a mumps vaccine, your body will have a supply of antibodies ready to go and destroy just mumps.

What type of virus infects t cells?


What is the cell in which a virus reproduces?

A host cells is a cell in which a virus reproduces. The length of viruses vary depending on the type of virus it is.

What type of attack is it when I open an email and my computer freezes?

email virus

What type of cells does yellow fever attack?

Yellow fever is called this because the virus attacks the cells of the liver causing jaundice or yellowing of the skin and the "whites" of the eyes. It also causes severe bleeding. This disease is called a hemorrhagic fever.

Which organism would a viruses attack?

Viruses invade all types of cells - but they are very specific. One (or more) type(s) of virus for each cell. The ones that take over bacteria are called phages ... but they are viruses. They "attack" anything with DNA.

How does hiv attack the immune system?

It uses one of the main type of immune cells - CD4 cells - to reproduce. The immune response to infection is to produce more CD4 cells, which the virus uses to reproduce even more etc. The immune system initially controls the virus. However, without treatment, usually over many years, the virus slowly wears down the number of CD4 cells. This leaves someone vulnerable to a wide range of serious infections.

What type of cell does the bacteriophage attack?

A virus that infects and lyses certain bacteria.

What type of self-replicating program uses a scripting engine to attack?

The type of self-replicating program that uses a scripting engine to attack is called a worm. This is a type of computer virus.

What type of cell does the sporozoan attack?

the nerve cells

Meaning of virus salami attack?

meaning of salami attacks and type of salami attacks

What type of virus enters the cell and doesn't immediately attack?

Hidden viruses, I believe.

What is an IPS attack?

An IPS attack is when the computer has been infected with a virus or spyware. This type of attack will trigger a warning to certain websites' systems and will block that computer from accessing further.

Type of self-replicating program uses a scripting engine to attack and infect a host file?


This type of self-replicating program uses a script engine to attack and infect a host file?


This type of self-replicating program uses a scripting engine to attack and infect a host file?


What happens if a person with type a blood receives blood from a type b person?

the blood cells in the a blood attack the b blood cells